Samsung DVD burner - Model SH-S183L - OEM ??

I'm looking for a little help with this product. How can you burn copies of dvds that have a copyright on them or can't you? What type of blank dvd's do I need to do this?
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  1. *hint* You're new here, so I'm gonna give you a clue.......nobody here is gonna tell you how to beat copyright laws :?

    I will throw you a bone, in Canada it's not illegal to make BACKUP copies of movies you buy (that are copywritten). So theoretically, I can make a backup of a movie in case my toddler gets a hold of the original and breaks it.

    And in order to make a BACKUP copy, I can use just about any DVD burner I want. DVD-R's seems to be the most compatible as well. However, it's not the burner that makes the's the software used to make the backup.

    So, I'll answer your question in part: you can use any DVD burner to make BACKUP copies of legitimately-purchased DVD movies. And DVD-R's seem to work the best in my experience. But you need the proper software to make those BACKUPS.

    I'm not sure of the laws in the States though, but BACKUPS here are ok to do. :)
  2. honestly, thats kinda what I figured. I was thinking, though, that the software that came with my burner would have the capabilities of making backups. What software would you recommend? The ones I've seen on newegg are either too expensive or poor reviews. Any ideas?
  3. You might try reading his post again. This isn't a warez site.
  4. warez? i'm confused
  5. warez, software that is not purchased by you. The software that comes with a DVD will not do what you are looking for. There programs that claim to do what you ask, I have not tried them. I can barely keep track of making DVD of my own stuff.
  6. I hear the new Nero can make backups.....even HD-DVDs.

    There are Freeware programs out there. Mr. Google is your guide......;)
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