Disk Check at startup

Every time I turn on my PC Windows XP pro SP1 begins the disk check.

I have only 2 80GB physical HD's aside from the OS HD.
This 2 HD are divided in 7 Logical HD's each.
The partitions are about the same size in the 2 HD's.

How can I get rid of this check...I hate to wait and press cancel all the time..

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  1. Copy your thread title and paste it in this website and you should be set.
  2. What file system are you using? FAT or NTFS?

    If it's FAT, a chkdsk will run everytime you shut down improperly. If it's NTFS, chances are there's something wrong with the hard drive... or it just may need a format.
  3. hi.
    maybe this is called by a software.
    i have installed system mechanic which does such thinks
    on startup in schedule time even i did not understand when.or how to deactivate that,although i uninstall the aplication the tasks are stilll there.
    go to
    Administrative Tools/services
    and check if there is enabled a task like disk check or similar
    if yes stop that service.
  4. i'd think there's something up with your C parition or main system drive
    do a full check disk with thorough scan to see what comes up, maybe bad sectors or something
  5. Nothing helped to resolved the problem (probably I didn't do it right).

    Anyways I think I will re-format the 2 HD's and see if that helps.
    I am lucky that the problem is NOT in my OS HD.

    Thanks guys for your help.
    This site ROCKS!

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