What do you think about this CPU/PC system?

plus this display...

Comes to a grand total of $3,550 US

Usage will be for CAD drafting, GPS post processing and Photo/Video editing... usage to be as a home/office PC managing a small Surveying/Engineering business...
Also next upgrade will probably be at least 3+ years...
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More about what system
  1. fix the link for the system.
  2. Case:
    LIAN LI PC-V1000BPLUSII W Black Aluminum ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail

    ASUS P5W DH DELUXE/WIFI-AP LGA 775 Intel 975X ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail

    Video Card:
    HIS Hightech H195XTQT256DVN-R Radeon X1950XT 256MB GDDR3 PCI Express x16 IceQ3 Turbo HDCP VIVO Video Card - Retail

    Thermaltake W0106RU Complies with ATX 12V 2.2 & EPS 12V version 700W Power Supply - Retail

    Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Conroe 2.4GHz LGA 775 Processor Model BX80557E6600 - Retail

    CPU Cooler:
    ZALMAN 9700 LED 110mm 2 Ball CPU Cooler - Retail

    CORSAIR Dominator 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model TWIN2X2048-8500C5D - Retail

    Hard Drive-Boot:
    Western Digital Raptor WD1500ADFD 150GB 10,000 RPM Serial ATA150 Hard Drive - OEM

    Hard Drive-2x RAID0 swap file and programs and 2x RAID1 for backup and data storage:
    4 - Western Digital Caviar RE WD1600YS 160GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - OEM

    Ext Hard Drive-Backup Externally:
    Seagate FreeAgent ST303204FPA1E3-RK 320GB 7200 RPM External Hard Drive - Retail

    Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard - Retail

    Dell 2707WFP 27" LCD
  3. I shared my personal NewEgg wish list, and when I click that link it works... Does it work for you all? If not what else can I do?
  4. The system is nice. Are you going to OC the CPU?
    If not, the DDR2-1067 is useless and you better get a DDR2-667 and invest the difference in something else. If you are not going to OC, the stock cooler is more than enough. Also, the Zalman 9700 is not a good choice, try Scythe Ninja or Thermaltake TunqTower 120.
  5. Yes I do intend on OCng it, mildly at first, I figure that running it at 9x 334MHz will be sufficient and as time goes by will up it to 9x 400MHz which at 3.2GHz should compute just about anything I need...
    But most important to me is stability, of course performance is important too, just not at the sacrifice of stability.
  6. 3 things should be changed IMO.

    Instead of the IceQ3 1950xt get a Sapphire 1950xt and an HR-03 with a fan. The card will run muuuuuuuuch cooler and will be quiter (depending on the fan you get.).

    Sapphire 1950xt - $210
    Thermalright HR-03 - $44

    Instead of the Thermaltake psu get a Silverstone OP750, more power, better quality, same price.


    Finally, the obvious, get a Tuniq Tower 120 or Thermalright Ultra 120 instead of the Zalman 970
  7. diggin now into looking up specs of alt components... thanx
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