Think I might need a new PSU.. But what do you guys think?

Hello all.
I have a machine which I recently upgraded.
Put in a new CPU, Mobo and ram, and after that the machine became extremly unstable.

Got lock ups in games, cant install Vista without hanging, and if I get into Vista the OS hangs within minutes.

The machine is:
1 x Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 (Box cooler)
1 x Asus P5N32-E SLI Plus
4 Gb of Corsair 1024 MB DDR2, PC6400, DDR800 - CM2X1024-6400
2 x WD raid disks
1 x 7900GTX Nvidia graphiccard
1 x Asus CDRW/DVD
1 x Cooler Master temperature and fan controller.
4 x Casefans
1 x OCZ Powerstream 520W PSU.

Do you guys think that this PSU might be the root of my problem?
I have tried stress test on CPU, memory test, a different graphic card without it removing the problem.
Also tried running with 2 Gb ram, no change.

If I should get a new PSU, which would you guys suggest?
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  1. There is no indication that your PSU is faulty :?
  2. I really have small knowledge about PSU's but is 450W enough to run a setup like mine?

    Or is it all down to the amount of amps it can produce?

    I cant buy that model in Denmark btw :(
    So what about this 500W one:


    or this 600W one:

    FSP Epsilon 600 FX600-GLN??
  3. I tried reading it, but its very technical :?

    Will take me a long time to figure out, and I still will not be 100% certain I a have choosen the right one, but I will try and read it again.
  4. Yeah.. just read it again.

    I do understand that I should look for a PSU with about 30A, and then its not that important how many Watt it has.

    But which brands are good enough for my rig :-/
    there is a link to a list of quality, but how good does it need to be for my system

    Usually you cant get to see the info on the side of the PSU until you board it.
    The sites I usually look at dont have all those stats.

    So I thought someone inhere could help me find the right brand and type for my system, else I will have to start reading reviews and estimate from that.

    Thats what I did with the OCZ but aparently that wasnt the best I found then, so dont really wanna buy another one which is shit :(
  5. Quote:
    It is possible that the PSU is to blame. Not sure what the stats are on that PSU but most OCZs are a bit shacky to beguine with. It may be a good idea to upgrade. I suggest you check out the PSU Reference list in my sig and choose a unit with about 26A or better on the +12v rails. I recomend the AX450 from FSP.

    It's 29A on the cxombined +12v rails leaves you room to upgrade to an 8800 GTS if you choose.

    I think the OCZ the OP is using is 26A of +12 on one rail. Just going from memory. We ran one in my son's Opty 170 / 1900XT box and it was fine with the GPU moderatley OC'ed and the CPU at stock but even a 400MHz CPU OC on top of the GPU OC made it unstable.
  6. I think the Tier1 PSU's are to expensive for me :?

    But a Tier2 I should be able to afford.

    I have looked at the:
    Enermax Liberty Series ELT500AWT

    Does this seem like a good choice?
    As said I have a hard time finding the Amps on the rail thing on their site :-/ but its in tier2 and I can afford it.
  7. That PSU I considered seems to have 32A on the rails as far as I can see, and it is SLI ready.

    Ill try such a PSU I think.
  8. I was talking about the Enermax Liberty :)

    I ordered 1, should get it today, I looking forward to seeing if that helps.
  9. Well... it didnt :(

    Its just as unstable in the install of Vista, BUT..

    I have tried to install single drive on both my WD raid disk with 16 mb cache.
    After trying yet 3 more times on those yesterday I found 1 of my old Seagate Sata drives with 8mb cache and tried that one.

    Suddenly everything installed perfectly and Vista is running without any problems whatsoever :x I really dont get it...
  10. try to use HD Tune to check your hard drive.

    Search HD tune on google^^

    It can help u to check ur Hard drive's health, plus, u can use it to check if there is bad sector or not.
  11. I thought about that, but the weird thing is that if I install XP on the machine (raid drives) then it runs without any problems whatsoever.

    Disk fail on both disk... at the same time??
    Vista installation seem to hang when it does the estimation of the machine, of how much the machine is capable of.. random places in that part of the installation, but allways in that part.

    Can it be the Mobo not being able to work with those fast disk because of a faulty Mobo... Any suggestions? I doubt it can be both my WD raid disk which are faulty at the same time.
  12. Do u update to vista or do u make a clean install?

    Cos its not the same... i also had problems with vista installation till i made a complete format & install.
  13. Complete format, and then a install.

    It hangs in the performance window :(
  14. I have a similar rig, using a Chieftec 400watt, so it's possible that PSU can't give the rougly 200-250 watt you need.
    (my rig uses around that with a power hungrier CPU according to Power meter)

    Borrow someone elses if you can. =)
  15. I suggest flashing the Bios to the latest version.
  16. I have flashed the bios to the newest version 6.02.

    I have bought a Enermax Liberty, which should have more than enough power to run my rig according to mpilchfamily :? and according to what I read in the PSU stickies and from the label on the side of the PSU.
  17. Seems like a problem between the Nvidia drivers and vista to me
  18. Test the ram modules one at a time. If that doesn't work, then replace the mobo or upgrade the chipset drivers.
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