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The new Firefox is here. Guess what...spelling works :)...and it's actually nice.(you can add different dictionaries if You don't speak English witch is practicle... ) I've installed it for just a few minutes and I can tell you it's faster than the 1.5 version...(I can tell dew to my somewhat slow system :) ). You do not have to go all the way to the right to close a every tab has a "X" stuck to it. It looks slightly different the 1.5(different icons for home, reload, etc.)

The bottom line for me is that is a really fast browser. I just visited some web pages with lots of flash banners and lots of dynamic content and before, with 1.5 version they ware moving slowly, while with the 2.0 version it's not the case.

The memory usage is 65MB (in my case) for one web page opened and appears to grow with an extra 15-20MB if you open an other somewhat complex web page in another TAB. Opening a new window will have the exact same effect. By complex web page I mean
(this dose not happen if you open ...)

In the end..what are YOUR opinions of the NEW FIREFOX 2.0 ?
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  1. I really have to know. Did you really use "practicle" (practical), "witch" (which) and "dew" (due) by accident or are you messing with us? :)

    (Just curious because you mention the spelling checker in your first line and though 2 of them are spelled correctly, they're the wrong words. :) )
  2. Damn you FIREFOX for not correcting my mistakes !!! :D

    Just pure "accident"! :roll: Found an excuse to: English is not my native language! S*** happens! :wink:
  3. LOL it's all good. It just reminded me of that Spell Checker poem that made the rounds a few years back.

    Your post did remind me to download the program. So I guess I will be testing it out over the next few days to see how I like it.
  4. i've been using it since it came out, and its quite nice. very pretty, and just overall cool compared to the older version i had.... 1.7 or something.... if there even was a 1.7. ANYWAY, it seems like mine boots a tad slower. anyone else notice the same? other than that, its awesome. and that slow initial boot isn't enough to make me dislike it.
  5. Here is a tweak to speed-up browsing: disable IPv6.
    P.S. Make sure you don't need IPv6 before disabling it.
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