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I need something to convert VHS tapes and Hi-8 tapes to DVD. I will be doing some editing of some footage. (I assume that you can capture without compressing with an encoding card, but just want to make sure) From what I have read, mpeg4 seems to be what I should compress it to. I need it to have composite and firewire 6-pin inputs, but others are always a plus. I would like it to be a hardware encoder since most of what I will be doing is going right from tape to dvd. What would give me the best quality for about $300. I have a pci, pcie x1, pcie x16, firewire, and usb ports avaliable.

Would I need a dedicated HDD for the video, currently I only have a 320gb with only 130gb free space.

Software wise, Adobe seems to have a large following, so I think that I will get the Premier Elements 3. Is there a better software in that price range-about $100?

Thanks for the help.
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  1. This one should meet your criteria and is considered good one. You'll get Ulead Video Studio with it, much better primer software than Adobe. And yes, it's always better to have dedicated HDD for audio/video.
  2. ADSTECH is not to be trusted! They have minimal support and no supervisors! I bought an Instant TV+FM Pci board (PTV-352-EFG) . It came with virtually no documation, download at the site. The package included a remote which was not covered in the documentation. After about a dozen emails back and forth, I asked for a supervisor; there are none. The remote is not the one advertised or documented; it's a universal! The icons and markings do not match what the remote does. To this point, I am unable to find the correct remote. ADS Tech used to be a good company. BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK! I NEVER WILL AGAIN!
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