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Hi. I want to download using eMule Plus v1,2a, but i can't be in the office after 20:30. How can i program the PC to start automatically, run eMule at 22:00 and stop at 08:00 the next morning? Do i have to do it through BIOS settings or not? I apprecate if someone tell me, cause the most of the users are on line in the evening, time that i can't go at the office cause is far away from home.
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  1. hi.
    some bios have the option to wake up on certain time.
    if yours has that option then is no problem.
    if not you must find third part sofware to do that.
    put emule in your start up folder.
    and make he ayto connection to internet enabled.
  2. just leave your machine on by locking it and turning off the monitor before you leave, leave emule running in the back

    if you want to complicate things...you could try to setup some wake up option on the bios, then have emule start as a scheduled task upon the next logon, at the same time you will need to have a passwordless automatic logon setup
  3. You can make 2 batch files to start and stop eMule and after getting the comp to wake up as said by bacis and FatTony, you can have the first batch file accessing the shortcut of the program and then the second sending a taskkill.

    BATCH FILE 1 (ex: startdl.bat) (put this file in the same folder as the shortcut of eMule or you will have the write the full path) :

    emule.lnk or "C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Desktop\emule.lnk"

    BATCH FILE 2 (ex: stopdl.bat) (anywhere works.You can use the /F switch to force program termination)

    taskkill /F /IM eMulefilenameintaskmanager.exe

    After the files are created you have to schedule a task to execute each of the batch files for the desired time.

    I hope this has been helpful. Let me know if you need further assistance.
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