computer gurus please help! just dont know what to do! 8(

so my comp was recently glitching out.. video in games or watching videos would glitch out on screen lil bits then would crash sorta... monitor stops getting signals off and on till comp freezes or resets. I first thought it was because of overheating cause I had a case with terrible airflow so replaced it now everything has been running cooler. and its been fine for a week+ but started doing it again today out of the blue.

did a ram test today and seems to be ok. Only changed bios settings are higher voltage set to 2.1 because ramguy on corsairs website told me to set it to that ( long time ago 6 months or so i got comp it would randomly reset because ram wasnt getting enough default voltage and that worked fine since but anyhow figured id mention it ) I ever lowered voltage to check that and still did it so doubt its that... only new parts in machine would be my razer ac1 soundcard but it couldnt cause this could it?

hmmm running 450 watt psu, antec 900 case, pd960 3.6 gig cpu, 2 gigs of corsair 2x2048 6400 ram, asus 7900 gt top v card, 320 gb barracuda hd.. actuay it crashes in windows now lol

edit sorry for spacing typing fast as possible before it does it again lol

just took out one of ram sticks and set to default voltage and still doing it so probably not that. temperatures are fine hmmm
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  1. actually it is hot in my room dunno how much that matters but cpu is pushin 55c under load now maybe it is that still.
  2. interesting hmmm just really annoying. I'm runnin 1920x1200 dell 2407. vcard gpu runnin between low-high 50s in the green so hmmm.
  3. If it keeps up may go to the duo 2's heard they run alot cooler but I really really hate to buy new cpu/board run the asus p5n32-sli deluxe and would hate for it to still do it or somethin crazy lol. that would suck 8( any suggestions/comments would be great

    edit: at idle temps are...

    cpu 41c
    mb 30c
    hd 29c
    vcard gpu 52c

    under load mb stays same, vcard goes up a lil and processor hits up to 55c.
  4. ya true cause ive seen my do it at only like 44c before, hell im to the point of wondering if its a virus or somethin lol.. so wierd. wish I had extra parts to try random things like video card swappin etc. you could be right maybe not processor not sure 8(. was also wondering if psu is sufficient but surely it is with only one vcard/HD. argggg just hate to dump even more money into it when could be somethin else.

    edit: u know come to think of it the first time I had it happen was when I was watchin a new video I dl'd and think I updated like my xvid codec but games have nothing to do with that so hmmm I may lose all my media drivers etc.
  5. could it be the new video/audio codecs I put on it maybe.

    edit: ah good to hear youve tried formatting cause I considered that...

    oh but if u wiped HD u didnt have new codecs etc. hmmm geez.
  6. I can't say it couldnt be monitor because it has only started doing it since my new bigger monitor but ya maybe gfx card... ive tried new drivers and then back to stock cd ones and didnt help 8( guess we can just keep comparing notes lol 8(
  7. kinda wierd runnin game in window mode and when I click game as current application temps jump up alot... 61c gpu is still in green but wonder if thats bad? other pic is when game is clicked off of main app but still running but wierd how much the temp changes cause its still running...

    maybe not temps but figured id check/pic them.
  8. running game window mode and not as currently active window with temps low see if itll stay running... not sure if this proves anythin but least ill know if it runs with temps down? i guess... lol just out of things to do atm 8(
  9. ya very true.
  10. cool
  11. ok well it must not be cpu temps cause it just did it sittin on idle at 43cpu with only temp program running.
  12. What tbe OP is experiencing & probably tacos, is either temp running too high on gfx cards( you guys wouldnt be watching pron by any chance would you????? :) ) or an issue with video card memory, do you guys get this playing gfx intensive games like FEAR/oblivion?

    I would suggest running ATITool( works for nvidia too ) and leave the spinning 3d cube test running for an hour, if that passes use VLC instead of windows media player( which is crap anyway ).

    Tacos if you get that 24@ youll need VLC anyway cos DVDs look truely terrible( lego blocks ), VLC allows you to apply AA n stuff and the image is fantastic
  13. ya originally it was just videos/games but its done it just sittn in windows few times. but ya mostly when those going.
  14. also sometimes it does it and i just restart it instantly itll do it in the bios/loading screen too glitchy kinda carry over not jsut in windows if that makes sense.
  15. Ditch the WiMP. Remove all of the other codec packs, they can easily screw up what you are doing.

    My setup

    VLC Player
    Media Player Classic

    Real Alternative
    Divx 6.2

    This wont cause any conflicts and will play all codecs. Try this and see if it gets better.

    Check your monitor cable. Ive heard that VGA can get interference and be disrupted. Try new monitor cables.

    It could be your PSU, but not likely. Your CPU temps are high, try downclocking the CPU to lower the temps. See if it still happens then?

    The mission here is isolation
  16. interesting thanx alot for info will try them all.
  17. Ever since I built this PC, WMP is a piece of crap. If I try to use it while Folding@Home is running it will reboot the PC (I have the automatically reboot on errors turned OFF). Or it runs crappy till the point the PC needs to be rebooted. Other media players work fine, but I don't like them as much.

    Maybe WMP doesn't like C2D's or something.
  18. Quote:
    also sometimes it does it and i just restart it instantly itll do it in the bios/loading screen too glitchy kinda carry over not jsut in windows if that makes sense.

    its your gfx card either overheating or the mem in it is fubar, run that ati tool and the artifact tester
  19. This kind of resembles a problem that I was having with my 3rd puter. The fan died in the psu, at that time my system was downstairs with his and I could smell overheated electronics. My 3rd puter was acting just like what you describe. I followed the smell to his psu replaced the fan in the psu and it worked good after that. Wait there is more to this. There is a protection in nvidias video card's bios for heat and overvolts protection. If the vcard is too hot or not getting proper volts the vcard will clock the volts down to the next lower to save the vcard from damage. Disable all power saving features, if helps, flash the video cards bios, change the volts reduction to the higher default I had 3 nvidias video cards that I flashed just for this reason. The volt reduction caused similar problems as you describe.
  20. checked cabled and unplugged my ps2 that i also had plugged to my dell 2407 monitor and thought was goin ok ran quake for quite awahile then asherons call... but i switched from games to windows few times and once when i switched to game it freaked out for sec then was ok. also did it earlier when i cntrl alt del to check processes... so both times did it when refreshing things? hmmm ill keep trying rest of things suggested.

    btw cant find where to disable that power saving stuff it in nvidia controls or actual computer bios sorry if dumb question hehe.

    edit: and if that works whats how to flash vcard? errr sorry for being a noob.
  21. no wonder couldnt find it... buddy says his is under manage 3d settings in nvidia control panel but i dont have it on my list at all... wierd? maybe diff software/drivers or hmmm

    heres settings/defaults... if matters

    anisotropc filtering - application-controlled
    anisotropic mip filter optimization - off
    anisotropic sample optimization - on
    antialiasing settings - application controlled
    conformant texture clamp - use hardware
    extension limit - off
    force minimaps - none
    gama correct antialiasing - off
    hardware acceleration - muliple display performance mode
    negative LOD bias - allow
    texture filtering - quality
    transparecy antialiasing - off
    trilinear optimization - on
    triple buffering - off
    vertical sync - use the 3d application setting

    vcard is asus 7900 gt top 256 meg ( one that comes overclocked i believe stock prolly not a good thing lol )

    dunno if that info helps but figured u may see somethin needs changed. thanks

    edit: driver versions says uhhh..


    that may be my stock drivers cause i tried new ones then went back when still did it... but maybe it would give more options? cant remem but ya anyhow rant off hehe.

    friend of mine wonders if could be monitor ... dell 2407 ws.. but i got it months ago and it ran fine for quite awahile. but he says hes read probs with it but bleh i dunno anymore 8(
  22. I really think that you're having a gfx problem, BUT it could be the PSU. Sorry if this is old info, but check your fan on the PSU to make sure its working and SMELL it.
    In lieu of that, the GFX is the next logical solution to check in my tech breakdown.
    If all else fails, you can reload XP, drivers, etc and see what happens. God, that sucks! I just had to do it yesterday because of all the crap that the interjoke bleeds into windows. Great job, Microsoft!
    Sorry, I didnt mean to hijack your thread... now all you are going to get is flamers on Microsoft. :?

    BTW: about WMP 11, why cant I get streaming video anymore????????
  23. ya i checked psu fan its going. what do you all think about monitor? not possible or? will keep trying things... soon the nxt step will be format even though i hate to lol.

    edit: ya forgot tacos has formatted already... and wierd about the 64 things.
  24. ya true.
  25. Quote:
    Well my theory just got shot out the door, as other video software just caused failuer on me. But as far as I know the only times it happens is when I'm watching a video, meaning that something that requires the monitor recieve lots of different signals and display a lot of flashing images, so either it's either the monitor or gpu, because I ran orthos for a few hours on my cpu and it passed

    Theres no difference in the signal sent to the monitor, but have you tried VLC for example to test if its a problem with WMP, theres different hardware in GPU cards for video so that could be a problem, im still convinced its overheating, but of course i could be wrong :)
  26. Just throwing some ideas out:

    1) In your video playback software, change the video acceleration or hardware acceleration. Depending on the card, full acceleration can make video stuttery.

    2) To fully eliminate overheating theories, take off the side cover and point a floor fan into your case. That'll eliminate any latent heat buildup.

    3) reseat vid card?
  27. hi all i really dont know anything about these problems but what about the motherboard drivers the temp for Remote 3 in the pics was -123 and i dont really think that is right probably would wish it was imagine your OC if that was you CPU :twisted: .
  28. I scanned the thread and I couldn't find any system specs.

    I've had this problem and I localized it to PCI-e voltage settings. Of course I don't think this is configurable on most systems (it is on my uber DFI board lol). What are the specs for your PC? Have you changed any BIOS settings?

    It won't be your monitor... ever. :D

    As for the poster with the F@H + WMP problem.... that is messed up. I've run WMP with a E4300 at 3.4GHz and an E6600 at 3.15GHz and had no resets. The key is vdroop and monitoring voltages and sometimes a proper format.

    You want to hear a ridiculous story... on my E4300 (i think it was that C2D) CoreTemp used to crash and restart my computer everytime without fail until I reformatted my hard drive. Do not ask me to explain it... because I can't.
  29. some cuetips on all fans and youll be sorted :), i attached my zalman at the wronf voltage and thus speed to my x850pro, caused no end of hangs/corruptions, if it hangs use windbg on the windows dmp file, it will tell you if its a card issue or not, i.e. crashing in the drivers
  30. Quote:
    Not necessarily true, my monitor is over 10 years old and I bought it from a garage sale for $5, the owners said they bought it in 92, just to let you know how old mine is


    But how do I make it test the dmp file, because this seems like a sure fire test

    download windbg( )

    Youll need to set windbg to use the symbols
    To use the Microsoft Symbol Server


    Make sure you have installed the latest version of Debugging Tools for Windows.


    Start a debugging session.


    Decide where to store the downloaded symbols (the "downstream store"). This can be a local drive or a UNC path.


    Set the debugger symbol path as follows, substituting your downstream store path for DownstreamStore.


    For example, to download symbols to c:\websymbols, you would add the following to your symbol path:

    open the latest .dmp file in
    you may want to check several to make sure its always crashing out in the same spot

    then use
    "!analyze -v" in the console to get a full output it will tell you what lib & thread it crashed in so you can see easily i its your gfx card or whatever

    If its crashing in completely different windows files its a hardware problem like bad memory /CPU/mobo problem
  31. Quote:
    Ugh, god, what assholes the people at microsoft are. It doesn't support my amd processor :x :x :x

    just it first will change the screen size, then it will give me a no signal error or the frequency is too high error. Since changing the resolution or frequency fixes the problem temprorarily

    Aha, the plot thickens, i get you now, try using
    {Repairs refresh rate} Some users have problems with the refresh rate in Windows 2000 or XP and programs resolving the problem often only offer a temporary solution, and don't always work with new driver releases. RefreshForce universally and permanently fixes the Windows 2000/XP refresh rate problem on ANY variation of graphics cards, monitors, or drivers. It functions regardless of graphics card or driver versions. Execute the program one time, and it doesn't require a reboot. Its GUI is simple, and when starting the program, it auto-detects the optimal refresh rate of the monitor for each resolution setting and sets this new refresh rate as the default. You can stop here, apply the changes and be done, or you can do further tweaking. It has the ability to push plug and play monitor drivers over 85Hz, and supports systems with multiple display adapters. RefreshForce has an automatic backup facility and the ability to lower refresh rates as well as increase them, if software causes display corruption.
  32. Quote:
    If this works, I'll owe you the $370 for the monitor I wanted :D .....And 3,000 tacos 8O

    lol, tacos sounds good :), i havnt tried it myself as i dont have the need but it should work fine 8)
  33. Quote:
    I'm wondering how to test this, I think running wmp should do the trick

    yeah give wmp a whirl
  34. Quote:
    So far so good, no problems yet :D

    fingers corssed, usually when i say something like that BAM and my computer dies 8O
  35. Quote:
    Right now I can't use any of my mpeg files since they are on a different hard drive, but real player is working fine

    were you getting the problem with real player too though?
  36. not really, you can download trailers from though if thats any good( remove the uk part as mine automatically redirects there )
  37. Quote:
    Watched a spiderman 3 trailer with no problems :D

    happy days, hopefully it will give you no problems
    Now if only i could get crappy XP to detect my sata 2 drive @ installation or even the damn sata 2 driver on my emulated floppy on my USB stick, grrr,i hate installing XP
  38. Here is my best guess at the problem.

    1. May be the gfx card is overheating, either the core or the memory.

    2. The PSU may not be powerful enough for your system.

    Let me know if this helps!

  39. looks like this before screen blinks then crashes eventually
  40. If you can throw a more powerful PSU in there do it and see what happens.
  41. sometimes full screen apps by default can set resolutions/refreshes out of range, it could still be an overheat problem, but doubtful i fatitool test can run for 15-30 minutes without causing the same problem. My x850pro would turn on if OC'd too high or due to temps
  42. He currently running 450w ps in that machine we cut it too ps or video card but i dont think its the drivers..
  43. Yeah I really think that machine is underpowered.

    Are you using the 6 pin pci-e power connector?
  44. in case i missed system specs

    pd960 3.6 cpu
    2x 2048 corsair 6400 ram 5-5-5-18 stuff or somethin
    320 gig barracuda hd
    asus 7900 gt top vcard
    razer ac-1 sound card
    antec 900 case
    liteon dvd burner/cd
    antec true power 2.0 450 watt psu ( is that enough? its worked fine for awahile newest component is my sound card )

    dell 2407 monitor... tried it on my olddddd 17' viewsonic crt still doing it so the monitor thing out the window hehe

    edit: mb asus p5n32-sli deluxe
  45. yeah because it only came with the one he uses for it but im beginning to think its a virus from the depics that im lookin at....but ive never heard of video cards doing that kinda picture if under powered normally they just dont work at all...
  46. Quote:
    Hmm, well, I can't help you there, but I really hope that fix did the trick, now that I'm sure it's fixed as much as it will get, I think I shall get that new monitor, what do you think of the 24" on this site

    great price, i dont know about 6ms GTG response times( if its noticable or not ) might be ok though, the newer FP241WZ is out with HDMI support, that version got a great review in PC plus. TBH if you can check one of those screens( or at least a 6ms GTG sscreen ) at a local retailer first you should to make sure you will be happy with it, great size though :)

    what do you think about getting two or three of these drives in raid 0 instead of buying a single 150gig raptor and getting a big back drive down the road

    Im not a fan of RAID 0 myself( ive had hard drives for nearly 20 years, i value my data more than a small speed increase ) or the raptors( due to price & heat generated @ 10,000 )
    Raptors are fine for games e.g. BF2 but i find with a SATA 2 perpindicular drive like the seagate baracudda 7200.10 series im one of the first in maps with my current rig. I have 2 7200.10s now i was that impressed with the first, 5 year guarantee too as far as i remember

    The Western Digital Caviar 160Gigs are fantastically fast drives and really cheap, i would highly recommend them. The 160 drives are the fastest WD( but the one in your link is dirt cheap ), but the differences would be marginal. Also check prices for the seagate drives as they are really fast too

    Finally got to the XP recovery console, have my sata drive running in IDE now to fix the installation :)

    in case i missed system specs

    pd960 3.6 cpu
    2x 2048 corsair 6400 ram 5-5-5-18 stuff or somethin
    320 gig barracuda hd
    asus 7900 gt top vcard
    razer ac-1 sound card
    antec 900 case
    liteon dvd burner/cd
    antec true power 2.0 450 watt psu ( is that enough? its worked fine for awahile newest component is my sound card )

    dell 2407 monitor... tried it on my olddddd 17' viewsonic crt still doing it so the monitor thing out the window hehe

    edit: mb asus p5n32-sli deluxe

    As was suggested make sure you have the PCI-E six pin power connector attached to your card
    To eliminate not enough power issues, remove the sound card, DVD and all USB devices that you dont need and see if you can reproduce the problem
  47. An underpowered system will show exactly these symptoms. It won't always just shut down at the point of power failure.

    That or an overheating/overclocked video card.
  48. ok well this is odd... i uninstalled razer drivers and took soundcard out and so far so good... hmmm could a soundcard really push it over the edge of 450 watts or could soundcard be bad hmmm but really havent tested long enough yet but this is longest its went fine for. ( previous sound card was a creative 5.1 oldschool live )
  49. Quote:
    Actually, both models have hdmi :wink: I don't know of any local retailers, but this benq is supposed to be top of the line, higher quality than samsung and dell's 24" (though samsung does make dell's panels) and since it supposedly is an 8 bit panel (not sure really what the difference between 6 bit and 8bit panels) it should not have any ghosting.

    If it has HDMI and is 8 bit then youre onto a winner, 6 bit panels can only produce 262144 colours( 2 to the power of 18, 6 red, 6 green n 6 blue ), but 24bit is the standard which is 16 million colours( 2 to the power of 24 ), thus 6 bit panels have to dither the image so its not 'true colour' as to whether or not this directly affects overdrive for refresh/ghosting or not im not sure( im no panel wizard :) )

    With the raid 0 thing, I personally am a performance fanatic, and I hate the major hard drive bottleneck I have, which is the purpose of the raptor, but after talking to many people about it, unless I plan of going raid0 raptors, raid0 of a few cheap drives with a backup seems to be the way to go for an experienced person like me (though I can't thank you enough if that fix you gave me permanently works)

    Im a performance nut too, but only at the right price and in a certain order. Definately backup stuf regularly if you use raid 0, ive heard so many disaster stories. I do hope the fix works for ya, time will tell, but you should run a few tests when you get your mpegs
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