trblsht w/ vista rc1,asrock 775dual-vsta,ati x1900xt,anyone?

hello people! i'm having a troubleshooting over here when installing windows vista rc1 32bit. my analysis is my vga and motherboard are not compatible with windows vista rc1.

here is my spec.:
intel c2d e6600
asrock 775dual-vsta
sapphire x1900xt
2x corsair vs1gb400c3
western digital caviar se 120gb

after i install the latest driver for ati radeon rc1 from, it runs good, but after i rebooted it to finish the driver installation, it turned to be slow again. it was really slow i barely hard to breathe to take the mouse pointed to something or so.

i tried to install it to another system:
intel p4 2.4ghz (prescott on socket 478)
asrock p4i65gv
nvidia geforce mmx400 or something like that
2x mcpro 512mb
seagate barracuda 7200 ata

and it ran quiet fast.

so is there anyone here using the same motherboard (asrock 775dual-vsta) and or the same vga card (ati radeon x1900xt) having this kind of troubleshooting or suceed running windows vista rc1/2, please do not hesitate to post in this thread and let me know how to get it run well.

i know it's still beta and perhaps there's no driver from this motherboard yet, but i can't resist to try one. hehe :P

thanks in advance..
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  1. Have you tried the non-ATI drivers. IE the Microsoft ones? A lot of people are having better luck with the MS drivers than the NV or ATI ones.
  2. yes sir.

    already tried it with the inbox bundled microsoft x1900series wddm driver, ati, and the combination.

    i was also having difficulties when the first time we finished the installation and the system itself needed to scale the computer's performance, i had waited for 1 hours long and still it didn't run much further from the "smart, meet beautiful" logo.

    it seems the rc2 will do the work or just wait for the final version to come.

    i already contacted asrock technical support department and they replied that there was no problem in vista rc1 and rc2 using the same mobo and vga (not sure the brand was the same or not, perhaps it's on the vga chipset level).

    thanks for the reply though, i have had enough with this vista rc1 thing for the last 3 days in my holidays. hehe :D
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