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  1. I'm not sure if this PSU could handle two HD 2900XT, but overal system looks fine :)
  2. thats why i put the gpu 5.25 power supply in.if it does its job.
  3. It might be or might not be enough... We can't tell you the answer.

    But I do think it'll run Crysis fine, maybe even fully maxed out.
  4. Quote:

    Although the harddrive wouldn't do much for gaming, get a SATA one. Like this:

    It's what I have and it's pretty good.

    As for the power supply, 34 amps on the +12v rails is not enough to power two x2000 cards. You need a more powerful one to do the task, something like this:

    Put in mind though, Crysis isn't out yet, so there is no way you can know if what is enough to run it smoothly. From I see though, I'm guessing it should run good. I would get a Core 2 Duo system though, since you can overclock it greatly and should give you better performance. (E6600 should be around X2 6000 price by April 22)
  5. on the inside i want to go intel.but its weird.I'm an ati and amd guys know how it is right.
  6. do i need an sli power supply if i'm going to use the 5.25 bay one.which in theory should do the job.
  7. oh yeah.I've been fearing that parts won't be compatible with vista should i fear this.
  8. I'd use two 8800GTXs as a reference for the amount of power needed for 2900XTs in Crossfire.
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