Bug in Networking Bytes Counter?

well... yes I think so there is a bug in
Task Manager->Networking Tab->View->Select Columns->Check
1. Bytes Sent
2. Bytes Received
3. Bytes

so, as my computer runs 24/7 and I do alot of downloading I mean a lot!, so when the Bytes counter reaches some 4xxxxxxxxx bytes it resets and starts over again... I think the data type of the variable behind the Bytes counter is 'uint' which has limit (0 To 4,294,967,295) so, this probably is a bug which should be addressed? any patches or solutions?

Proof: (Have a Look)
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  1. hmmm, i don't know about a bug...maybe the limitation of the o/s by design or something, interesting though, i can't see any hotfixes or anything addressing it though
  2. i'll check this in Vista and i doubt if its removed/fixed.
  3. I know this is a very old thread, but I was trying to find answer for same problem.
    It looks like it will count to 4 GB only and resets.

    It does NOT happen in Vista, nor 7.

    Why did they put limit on it - I have no clue.
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