Music track separation.... possible?

Hello all, i have a question. i would like to separate the tracks of music files so i can hear the separate instruments.... i don't mean like track 1 or track 2, i mean like bass track and such. is that possible? and does anyone know of a convenient program to do such a thing? is it horrendously illegal?

thanks in advance
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  1. /bump 'cause i needs some helps
  2. you need a wave editor or something in those lines
    it won't be as easy as just picking out the differnet tracks, it'll show the different wavelengths / frequencies so you can seperate them, high notes, low notes

    soundforge is probably a good start, it's a small package, other ones are sort of advanced
  3. thanks, i'll give that a whirl.
  4. It is not possible to edit the files from a single stereo mix with any sound program. Some programs claim to be able to remove vocals, but all it does is lower the mid to high range (EQ) to muffle it out.

    If you need track separation files, you would need to contact the publisher and likely pay them for the files which can be pricey or you can hire a music producer to replay the sections for you.
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