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Recently, I've been encountering some problems with my system. The PC Speaker (at least I think that's what's producing the sound...) started emitting beeps while I play video games (various titles, so I guess any kind of strain on the computer would produce similiar results?). Then I started having crashes with blue screen detailing those might be because of the "antivirus software, disk defragmentation or hard disk being damaged" (if I remember it right). I think it all began after the report that one of my partitions had not enough space, which resulted in a blue screen (the problem's resolved now).

Any ideas what could that be?
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  1. Sounds like your CPU is hitting a heat threshold and the beeps are warning you about it.
  2. Quote:
    Sounds like your CPU is hitting a heat threshold and the beeps are warning you about it.

    ASUS probe indicates steady 45-50 degrees, even during those "beeps".
  3. I left the computer with the download manager on and when I've returned, blue screen with that error was there :
    "Disable or uninstall anti-virus, disk defragmentation or backup utilities" - it also mentioned checkdisk or possible hard disk malfunction.
    It also displayed :
    "STOP: 0x00000024 (0x8190LFE, 0xBAD13994, 0xBAD13690, 0x8047D90)".
  4. If that is the case, you may have to reformat and reinstall. Sounds like file system corruption somewhere.
  5. looks like file system corruption, try checking these out for some troubleshooting steps
    ^^^ look for Stop messages 0x00000023 and 0x00000024 Descriptive text: FAT_FILE_SYSTEM or NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM
  6. Maybe before reinstalling you can do a chkdsk to see if this solves your problem. Also sometimes the programs and even the BIOS can report wrong temperatures and as Zoron pointed out some motherboards can warn you by beeping if the temperature is too high. You can check if there are any options like that in your BIOS.
  7. Thanks for all the help. I've checked the BIOS options and there I've found it is currently monitoring CHIP fan speed and CPU Fan Speed (It's set to the 1200RPM). I did the chkdsk as well, no errors as of yet. I'll use the ASUS probe to check if the fan is malfunctioning (though it never did before, it was only recently when I've encountered all these problems).

    Update : I've disabled both the CHIP and CPU Fan Speed Monitors and the beeps are still emitted. By the way : when I play games, fans speed up considerably. ASUS probe doesn't report any temperature/fan speed fluctuations.
  8. What's the temperature in the BIOS at idle and also the temperature of your video card while playing games if possible. If you have another video card can you try switching ? Also when you get the BSOD's is the error code on top always the same and are there any file names listed ?

    The fan that speeds up may be the GPU fan and not the CPU or CHIPSET, that is why if you have access to another card try switching it.
  9. Well, I'm worried now : The temperature my Catalast Control Center shows is quite high : 72 degrees when idle. even over 100 (!!) when playing games. Something is obviously very wrong.

    Update : I've enabled full Catalyst CC functionality and indeed, the beep is emitted because of the overheated graphics card. I never had such a problem; additionaly CPU temperature is more than okay (even 40 degrees when idle, almost never more than 50 when under strain). All in all, it seems quite strange because I don't remember making any modifications (or overclocking) to my computer.
  10. Have you cleaned out the fans and heatsinks lately? Also clean any screens on the case.
    Temperatures on my computer will go up around 140 F. Thats when I know I need to clean out the dust. Temps drop to about 120 F at full speed. Idle its about 100-105 F.
  11. Thanks! Although I wasn't very thorough with it (I just did some basic cleaning, in order to clean the GPU Fan I'd have to dissamble the casing it has) it worked better than I expected! The temperature dropped significantly - About 50-55°C when idle and about 80-90°C when under strain (Medieval II demo on high details in that case).
    I'll be sure do a more scrupulous cleaning tomorrow as I'm sure it'll further decrease the temperature. Thanks again mate! I would never have assumed that dust could affect the heat by such a large margin (especially considering that I did the cleaning not too long ago). The PC Speaker beeps are gone.
  12. Happy to be of help and I am glad it worked. If you have a fan handy try putting it as an intake on the side or lower back so the graphics card can get fresh air from outside. Also if you have any PCI cards close to the graphics card try moving them down.
  13. yea man my friend has a 9800 and the stock cooler just won't hold, had to stick another fan on there...good find though
  14. I have a 6800GT and get problems with it also if the fan is a little dusty I should get a case fan that blows air to the graphics card but too lazy to do something about it and I don't play a lot either.
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