Please help!!! Monitor displaying everything Very yellowi..

Monitor is displaying everything very Yellowish and really bright,

P4 HT 2.9
Abit A-17 Mobo
1 gb ram
7600 xfx AGP latest driver
Windows XP latest updates
Sceptre 22 Gamer

Was working fine this morning and about to reload windows completly, Please I need a response, I can't get information on this anywhere, and the problem pursists w/ 60-somehundred GFX card also...
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  1. happen to me once, it was a replacement of parts. hope yours still under warranty. good luck
  2. sometimes when your monitor cable comes unplugged just a little bit it can show wierd colors...
  3. Can you try it on some other computer? That would tell you if the problem is the monitor itself or somewhere in your PC.
  4. OKay.....tried a different monitor, and problem pursited. Thanks for the response everyone... any other ideas?? :D
  5. have you tried swapping the vga cable from a working system. If this doesnt work try booting the pc in vga mode to reset all the video settings. If this doesnt work i think you need to change your video card
  6. SOB....The first time this happened it was w/ a 6200 OC BFG, figured it was a bad product, but now that this happened w/ my 7600 XFX......I don't know whats going only hope is to jump out a window and slit my throat to lmit the suffering.... :D J/k but seriously WTF...
  7. check to see if the video card is seated well in the slot
  8. Yeah... It's seated good and BTW I forgot to mention it's yellowish at 880 by 600 and VERY distorted at at any other setting to the point of being unreadable... again thanks for ur help guys.....looks like I have a malfunctiong GFX card...Guess I'll get in touch and see how their C.S. is...I've only had this GFX for about 3 months.....a real shame... :?
  9. Try hooking up a different monitor with your video card. Its probably the monitor tho.Are u sing a CRT or LCD?
  10. Drivers?
    Boot in safe mode? Still does it?
    New VGA? (probably your vio chip on the VGA has gone to the VGA heaven - or hell for that matter - lol)
    Try a new VGA on and see.
  11. I'm using DVI....I don't have another system to ck the graphic card on.... I'm gonna give XFX a call and hopefully get some good customer service.... I don't care if they rplace the card I just want them to see how this thing is functioning for themselves... Thanks for the responses everyone...I'll keep u posted untill I come to a solution..
  12. sorry to say this but your monitor cable is stuffed dude. always happens, should be able to get a replacement easily though. one of the wires has broken inside the cable, usually reall close to the plug, between the giant hunk of iron and the is the single most stressed part of the cable, it is almost assured to break.
  13. Never heard of that.... But it makes sense....I'll buy a newcable and have a chance to try it tommorow night....Thanks for taking the time to post a response...I'll let u know my results as as i can... :D ..Thanks again...
  14. If anyone's still interested..... Tried GFX card on another computer w/o a problem...and tried another hard drive w/ xp on problem system; and proplem I came to conclusion that AGP slot on abit mobo is malfunctioning..... to solove the problem I order AROCK mobo w/ AGP and PCI-E port w/ Pentium 640.... :) Thanks again for the help....
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