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whenever i try to defrag my HDD using the standard Windows defrag-tool, my computer emits a ticking sounds (same as the constant reboot sound) and after that, I get a blue screen of death.
Fortunately, this is only the case when the tool tries to defrag the file "WindowsUpdate.log": I've been defragging for several hours (guess it was about time i defragged once more:D) , without any probs.

What i've done to solve this problem:
- defrag in safe mode=> same result
- use a prog called 'PageDefrag'=> crashed while defragging the file "PageFile.sys" (i think)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

BTW: I'm using XP Home SP2
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  1. your pagefile cannot be defragmented, it has to be removed and recreated

    if it hangs on the windowsupdate.log file, what's the size of it? maybe it's become bloated and causing the defrag to crash down after some time

    ...i'm surprised it didn't work in safe mode
  2. The file is 1.46 MB large, created in august 2004 and last access was today.

    It should also be noted that PageDefrag found several other (+-10) files that were alike and might also cause the defrag tool to fail.
  3. hi.
    use third party software to defrag your drive.
    i use vopt xp.
  4. I'm afraid that didnt work either. I get another blue screen, saying "Kernel_Stack_inpage_error" with "STOP: 0x00000077" as technical info.
  5. First try recreating your pagefile. Also do a chkdsk to see if the hardware has any bad sectors because when defrag tries to check the areas with bad sectors BSOD's might occur.
  6. hi.
    this is my question.
    how can someone recreate pagefile.
    i have set windows to automaticaly clear pagefile on shoutdown.
  7. CHKDSK didn't return any errors...
    And to be honest, i have no idea on how to recreate the pagefile... Any help would be appreciated:)
  8. To recreate the pagefile, go to the Control panel and System. And then choose the Advanced tab and then click the Settings button of the Performance. There choose the Advanced tab again and then click the Change button at virtual memory. There first choose no pagefile and then restart your system and then set the pagefile again to a fixed size to avoid windows resizing the pagefile which might degrade the performance a little. Hope this helps, good luck.
  9. hi.
    if i remember right
    the total pagefile must been set
    at 1.5x(your amount of memory) for better performance.
  10. Yes, but if you have a lot of ram 2GB + you can even disable it, but it's better to have it just in case. I also recommend putting the pagefile in another drive than the drive where your OS is installed to increase the performance.
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