Mac won't boot into not-safe mode after upgrading to Tiger

Yeh, so I don't have the complete story because this happened to a friend of mine, but he upgraded his iMac G4 (think it's that one, the one that had the computer in the base of the monitor) and he just upgraded to OSX Tiger, and now when he tries to boot, it only goes into safe mode, and it won't go into anything else.

Anyone else ever have this problem happen before. I don't actually play with macs, hardware or sofware at all, I just use them at school so I don't have the answer, but I know that there's at least one person on the forums who knows how to use macs.
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  1. Ok I know more about this now than I did before, though only a little bit.

    So when my friend tries to boot into OSX normally he (get this, my mind exploded when he said this) gets a BSOD and it will not boot. He's gone through a bunch of help forums, and he's even phoned up apple support and they've walked him through it and he's re-installed 3 times already, the first one was an upgrade install and the other 3 were all repair installs with no avail. Has anyone here ever had anything like that happen to them before? I mean, it's a BSOD!!! a freaking BSOD!! Those aren't mac things, those have been Windows exclusive for as long as time itself, they even have patents and such on the dreadful BSOD!
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