"system" process taking 100% cpu

In my computer, the "system" process takes up 100% cpu and makes the computer extremely slow. I thought it was my wireless drivers, but I uninstalled everything now (intel proset+wlan drivers), the network card is unrecognized and still the system process eats up all my cpu. I even reinstalled windows and it worked for a while, but I really can't say what causes this. Is there a way to find out why "system" is using all the cpu?
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  1. hi.
    you can bring up task manager and see which proccess is it that cause
    the 100% cpu usage.
    terminate that procces and see what happens.
    if the procces is called (system idle procces) it is not right the cpu usage
    it is a fake report.
    you can check your cpu,memory use by using freemeter.
    if you find it try unistalling the aplicattion that uses it.
  2. no, it's not the idle process, it's another process only named "system". That process cannot be terminated or have the priority changed. The strange thing is that sometimes it uses 100% cpu, other times stays at 0%, I could still not figure out what causes this. Now I disables NHC's ACPI module, let's see if it works...
  3. I seem to remember reading that certain NVidia drivers (wan't XP certified) caused similar problems. You could check your various device drivers to see if the problem lies there...
  4. it's a kernel mode driver
    does it happen in safe mode? can you kill your antivirus and check?

    really tho...the only way of telling would be to dump the machine and get someone who knows debugging to analyze it
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