I can't Install any games


I have finaly build my first computer and It worked fine until I should install games. The Installation program starts ok but when It starting to install the game files a error accure. It says: A file is missing (.cab). At first I thought it was someting wrong with the dvd-drive so I copied the cd to the harddrive but the same error acurre again. Then I installed another harddrive but the same error again. I think it someting wrong with the core 2 duo processor. So if someone with the same processor as me could say if he/she has applied any patch or someting to fix this? Is there any patch to core 2 duo? Is there anyting else that could be wrong?

My Computer
Processor: Intel core 2 duo e6400 2.13ghz
Moderbord: Asus P5v-Vm-DH
1024mb apacher ddr2
Graphiccard: x1600pro 256mb
Harddrives: 1x 250gb samsung spinpoint (SATA)
1x 250gb Western digitals (IDE)

Please Help me I really want to see how "good" my computer is.
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  1. is it just one particular game? maybe the image is corrupted

    i don't think it's your cpu tho...you have any issues with other software installing, applications i mean

    64bit windows?
  2. I have tried with 3 games. Half-Life 2, Doom 3, silkroad. Same error on all of them.

    I tried installing my sound card (X-FI). I got serval errors there to.

    I have tried with Xp sp1 and Xp sp2. I haven't tried 64bit yet.

    Shell I test the 64bit xp?
  3. When you swapped drives, did you do a "fresh" install of Windows?

    Did you install your motherboard drivers from the Asus CD before installing the ATI drivers?

    Have you tried installing any non-game or sound applications? - You might have a bad DirectX install.
  4. well, we all know you can't re-install directx if that's the case...not without risking the o/s functionality

    what i can suggest and this helped me once when a game failed to work properly, is to update your direct x run-time libraries by installing this package:

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