Wireless enabled, Slow bootup times

Hi Guys,

I have an "Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2915ABG Network Connection" card installed in my laptop (with the latest drivers from intel.com.au and SP2 + security updates etc)

When the card is 'enabled' in my network places the computer takes forever to bootup. It gets into windows quickly but it is unresponsive until the 'no wireless networks' icon pops up in the tray on the taskbar.

If I disable this network adapter in my network places the computer boots up perfectly and is useable as soon as the desktop wallpaper/taskbar etc show up.

Why is this happening it's driving me nuts! On the laptop itself I have a switch that can disable/enable the wireless card, this has no effect on the bootup times if the driver is enabled.

I have scanned with numerous programs for virus/spyware and my system is relatively clean so i'm sure its not that. I am using the windows software (with the intel stand alone wireless driver) to configure my wireless connections.
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  1. Do you have any network shares? This will slow down boot up if the computer is looking for a network share that might not be there any longer.
  2. Nup no mapped network drives or shares :(
  3. network drive maps or network printer maps

    i think mainly though, you need to upgrade your wifi card drivers, also see if it makes a difference if you let windows manage your wifi instead of the 3rd party oem

    also check to see if the setting the wireless zero config service in services.msc to manual makes a difference
  4. Thanks for your replies so far guys, some great suggestions in there. Unfortunately I've tried them all!

    I have a Toshiba Tecra A4 and I've tried the following drivers so far:

    1) Toshiba website (Toshiba Canada) with inbuilt Intel wireless client
    2) generic standalone drivers from the Intel website (using the windows wireless client)
    3) generic drivers + Intel client from the Intel website

    All three seem to have the same problem regardless of which client is controlling the card.

    With regards to the wireless zero config service, I have tried disabling and setting it to manual, still with the same result :(

    I'm beginning to think that a format is my only option!
  5. eh...damn, what about safe mode with networking? the wifi service still starts in safe mode with net...but i don't know if the drivers will kick in
  6. I just gave the safe mode suggestion a shot, I get a similar problem :(

    The black desktop wallpaper shows up with the build information and 'safe mode' in every corner but there is a long delay until the taskbar + icons show up. I assume this is the same problem, this doesn't happen when I run normal safe mode (with no networking support).

    To clarify when I start up windows normally the taskbar + icons show up, but if the network card is enabled the system is idle (can run things and they won't execute until the 'no wireless networks found' shows up in the tray)
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