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I was wondering if anyone ran into this problem or has a solution.
I have a wireless card Zonet/Railink drivers. A netgear 54G router.

When I set up my wireless connection I can only get limitied local connection. I have tried both with and without encryption and even turned off vista firewall.

Strange thing is that I can connect to my neighbor down the street that has a unsecured wireless network. default named netgear.

I had it working at one time and the next morning noticed it did not work anymore. I have the latest drivers and firmware for my router and wirless card.

Its been 4 days now and I am frustrated. All i can do is connect to the guy down the street.

Anyone out there know the answer for this one? what am i missing?? :cry:
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  1. I also have this problem. It seems to be an issue with Vista and "secured" networks. Vista, at least to me, doesn't seem to be giving enough time to connect.

    I've found the question splattered all over the net, but nobody knows how to fix it, other than to stop using secured networks. Does anyone know the answer to this problem yet by chance? aka Bump. :D
  2. if you turn off your wep access and all the security stuff is it still a problem? are the drivers for this device finalized or beta versions
  3. With wep off it works just fine. I can't just run without WEP or anything becouse it is work's router and I don't have access to it. I've got two wireless connections. I'm thinking it's something to do with the 64bit version not being quite as updated as the 32bit version.

    I'm now just dual booting between XP and Vista 64. My video card doesn't have working drivers right now, and I'm betting they don't release this week like people are saying their gonna.

    I've got two cards in their, an Airlink and a Realtek. They both work just fine except for wep. Guess I'll just have to patient and wait for vista's propper release. Hopefully it'll be fixed by then. :)
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