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I need a good system optimizer and registry cleaner and antivirus. One package from one company would be nice so I don't run into compatability issues. I hate compatability issues. Grrrrr. I like Advanced Uninstaller Pro...but would it conflict with say AVG antivirus?

My 2005 Norton System Works premiere subscription expired a few months ago. It had the registry cleaner and system optimizer.
(The 2006 version does not have the registry cleaner from I understand.)

Here it is November, and it looks like Norton is either not going to have the Systemworks for 07 - or else they are going to promote the Norton 360..

Any suggestions on something that works well would be appreciated. I am currently running a freebie antivirus.

Newly rebuilt (What a learning experience):
Asus mobo
x2 4800
EVGA 7900 GT
raid 0 hard drives
audigy 2zs
coolmax green power 700 psu
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  1. there are a lot of options out there on this one but im my experience you are probably better off getting one program for system optimization and another one for antivirus/firewall/spyware etc protection.

    Will do some research on this one and let u know some good programs as I forgot the names right now. If you google it im sure you can find some but i know there are a couple of good ones out there for system optimizing.
  2. all in one pack is a big mistake, sine no good one exits.

    antir virus = nod32
    firewall = syagte pro
    anti spyware = spyweeper
    defrag = O&O
    system cleaner = CCleaner
    thats all you need, becarefull of registry cleaners they can easily messup your registry and make life hell for you even when it makes a backup.

    on that note CCleaner has a registry cleaning option that seems to be good, but don't mess with registry cleaners unless you know whats what in the registry and always backup before you do anything to the registry.
  3. Registry Mechanic can safely repair windows registry problems and registry clean up easily ! Registry Mechanic is a popular registry cleaners on the market and very easy to use for registry cleanup !
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