Windows and DX/10 vs Vista

This is kind of a mixed content post concerning Windows, Vista, Hardware and Software so i wasn't sure where to put it but here goes...

Correct me if I'm wrong but if Windows wont support DX/10 and i don't wanna run Vista then there is no need to waste money on a DX/10 compatible graphics card.........correct
I would like to utilize DX/10 but if it requires a (up/down)grade to Vista then i guess i will have to live w/o it.
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  1. which version of windows are you saying won't support dx 10? xp and vista both will, there's a thread on this on the vista section of the forums...
  2. No, XP will not have support for DirectX 10. The DirectX 9L that everyone is buzzing about is actually a version of DirectX 9 for Vista, not XP.
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