Logitech LCD on G15 Keyboard problems ??

I just built a Duo Core system and all of a sudden it is crashing out of Dark Age of Camelot without warning.
Two things happen:
Either it freezes completely
Or it drops the game and takes me back to Desktop.

I have seen a series of error messages;
1. Logitech LCDmon.exe needs to quit (and does)
2. IRQ Conflict ( I think I solved this one between Onboard sound card and external Sound card)
3. Bad_Pool_Header

I have not been able to get the system to boot when I place my DDR2-800 Ram 1GB x 2 Sticks into both the yellow slots or both the black slots.
I have not hooked up the front panel USB or sound outputs since I never use them.

Its got me stumped. I am thinking bad ram but it passed memory tests.

I have a DiagDX file but its very long. I can copy it in if it would help.

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  1. I would suggest a pretty simple solution: uninstall completely and reinstall. Did you tried that?. Are you using the latest G15 software?
  2. Disable the internal SC. You don't need it, do ya?

    And get the newest version of LCD studio and keyboard driver. Make sure LCD studio acesses only that info you can get and not some sensors that are not present...
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