Future Build for DVR/DIVX Player only

hello Guys (and the 1 girl who probably reads this),

Here's the plan:

I'm getting rid of the Insight Cable DVR tuner (it is the biggest POS DVR unit ever)

I used to use the ol' 7500 All In Wonder for my dvr and tv and gaming device- back in the day.

My plan is to get a budget system together (doesnt need to do much but record TV (dvd quality..but not HD) and play divx movies...nothing major.

I'd like to use the 7500 all in wonder because its 150-200 bucks i dont have to spend (AGP socket).

Could anyone recommend a mobo/cpu combo that is very basic... HDDs are so insanely cheap right now and the Ram can be some value ram or something cheap.

Also, would this be a project that is worth doing? or should i just spend the 300 bones to get the DVD Burner with the HDD built in? (not sure if those work the same way as a DVR unit...) And i refuse to use Tivo.

Thank you for your input...if anyone has done something like this...i'd be interested to hear your experiences..

thanks in advance...

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  1. What are you viewing on?
    $300 is very doable, you don't need much CPU even a celeron/duron would work. Find the right graphic/MB might be a hassle but they're out there.
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