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I was previously using an AMD X2 3800+ on XP64-bit and decided to upgrade to Vista 64-bit. I popped in a new AMD X2 5600+ and did the install, now registering as 2.01ghz... Anyone know what is going on? Thanks all!!
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  1. download and flash a new bios version. probably your bios is not recognizing the cpu and clocks it lower. (or do other programs display the right speed of an 5600+ ?)
  2. Not surprising........Vista recognizes my 3.20ghz 6300 still as 1.86. :roll:

    Get CPU-Z and make sure it recognizes everything fine. If so, you're good to go. If not, then you got a problem.

    Top left to download.
  3. These are some specs on your processor:

    I'm surprised it doesn't recognize it as 2800.
  4. try rescoring your system with the "performance analyzer". if not double check with CPU-Z and call it good. :D
  5. Quote:
    Not surprising........Vista recognizes my 3.20ghz 6300 still as 1.86.

    impressive overclock - was that with stock cooler - doubt it - and what did you raise the core voltage too.

    and back on tract, it sounds like a motherboard problem - flash it
  6. Check your BIOS and see if there are settings for CPU speed. If not definitely flash the new version of your BIOS. If the BIOS registers it at the correct speed it might be possible that Vista is showing the processor at a speed step setting. (Do the new CPU's even offer speed stepping?)
  7. No stock cooler here, got a Noctua and quiet :) My OC is limited to 3.2 though 'cuz my case is located near the furnace and temps get higher than I'd like. Still, not bad for a 6300 :D

    Am at work so can't check volts, but I'm positive I got vCore at 1.35v. Not bad for 3.2ghz I'd say 8)

    1) Flash your BIOS
    2) Rescore your system in Vista
    3) Check CPU-Z.

    If CPU-Z reads correctly then you're fine. Rack it up to Vista growing pains.......
  8. CPU-Z and Windows say I'm running at 5600+ at 2.01 ghz. I will flash the BIOS and see if that fixes it.
  9. Check your BIOS, make sure it's not underclocking for some strange reason....I've seen that once or twice before. It's worth a look.......
  10. I did an update and now it says I only have 1.41ghz but it's a 5600+. How can I check in the BIOS that it's running at the correct speed?
  11. this is probably a dumb question, but is cool and quiet enabled in the bios?
  12. I was about to ask the same thing, your sure cool & quiet isn't under clocking your CPU?

    Try running 2x Prime95 or TAT on both cores and while that's happening check what Vista has to say about your CPU.
  13. Quiet and cool was enabled and was making as a x7 multiplier. I turned the multipler on auto and... whoolah it's 2.8ghz :)
    Thanks all!
  14. There ya be!! Underclocked, uh huh. More like cool and SLOW.

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