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Sorry if this is in the wrong forum! I need help, for some reason my DirectX is not working properly.

I just got the new video game Battlefield 2141. When I try to play it though, I get the following error.

"This application has failed to start because d3dx9_29.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."

I did my research before coming here of course, but all what I have done so far hasn't helped.

The first thing I did was download d3dx9_29.dll as a seperate file on the internet and put it where people have told me to, C/Programs/Windows32. This didn't fix the problem.

I recieved word that just downloading DirectX9.0C would fix it, so I did that and when I went to install it, it says that everything is already in place (or already installed).

On battlefield, it can do a computer check to make sure you have the proper requirments before the game will launch, it says I have directX9.0B, but when I try to install C, it says I already have everything installed!!

Can someone help me please fix this error?

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  1. bf is pretty new...are you all patched up? is this a legit version or cracked?

    9c is the latest, but get these libraries for it that got updated last month...helped me when i was having issues installing...i thik it was FEAR
  2. Thats what I downloaded and tried to install but it says i'm already fully installed (but when I check, it stills says Direct 9.0B).

    I think my OS is cracked because my Dad gave me the CD. Is there anyway to install it if its cracked? I doubt it, but I hope not, sucks that I can't play my own 50$ game cuz Microsoft got money hungry!

  3. i don't know if windows being legit has anything to do with it...but i also don't see why you can install the run-time libraries, that package is not directx 9c, it sits on top of dx9c it and updates its binaries...weird
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