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Hi guys,
I noticed that my system dramatically slows down at times, so the first place i looked was the Task Manager where I noticed that my cpu usage is hovering around 70-80%. I scrolled through the list of running processes to see if i could find the one that's eating up all that processing powa, but i came out emptyhanded, just the system idle processes @ 98% as usual and two others using about 1-3%, ldc++ and icqlite.
So i was wondering is there anything i could do to find out what's going on (or any ideas?) so i can have a crack at fixing this problem?
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  1. well if you say your total cpu suage was around 70%, on the processes tab you should be able to see something spiking up as well...but i don't know often your cpu pegs at 70-80%, so you might be missing it

    this is a more advanced version of task manager, maybe it'll help more and help you narrow this down, but i think you gotta look at it more often to find the pattern


    download link at the bottom
  2. hi.
    most of times this procces seems to get the
    most cpu usage on task manager.
    system idle processes @ 98% .
    but if you chec your cpu usage with other programm you will see that the previous report from task maneger is false.
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