Encoding dvd vob to WMV HD?

I was wondering if anyone knows how I can rip my personally owned dvd movies to wmv hd for streaming to my XBOX 360. I saw someone who encoded in hd and put it on a dvd-r and it looked great but I am just going to save them on my hard drive for streaming. I have tried windows media encoder with no luck and looked at many other progs but none of them will let you encode to 720p. Any help would be greatly appreciated. And just as a final reminder I am only doing my movies that I own, i am not looking to do anything illegal.
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  1. While it's not free, I find that Intervideo's DVD Copy to be the best.

    It won't work on copy protected movies, so you'll need to use a program such as DVDFab Decrypter (freeware) to make an unencypted copy onto your harddrive first.
  2. Thanks a lot I am going to give it a try.
  3. Try Magic DVD ripper. You can download a free trial version that gives you 15 or more RIPs/Encodes. I used it and was very satisfied. I ended up buying Magic DVD Copier wich enables me to copy all of my DVDs to my computer as full quality. The ripper version will allow you to copy but to also change the video format. I believe the purchase for each was around $40.00. Converting formats puts a huge load on your CPU, so keep this in mind.
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