Modem keeps disconnecting!

I've had my computer for 2 years now and the modem has worked fine until a few days ago. I have a Diamond Multimedia SupraSST 56i DFV.

Here's what happens. I dial it up and it connects as usual. Then I start going to webpages and everything is normal usually for a few minutes. Then, when I open a new page or click on a link the packets don't get received. Then after 30 seconds of it sitting there idle it just disconnects on me.

I have tried EVERY modem config. I have looked for spyware and adware. I have tried new cables. I have tried other ISP numbers (other people in tbis house on the same ISP are'nt having problems at all).

Could a virus do this? I did one of those online virus checks and it said I have 5 on my system, but it could not remove them. I don't have any other problems with my system and this only started a few days ago.

Could the modem just be getting old? I've tried downloading new drivers. They seem to install normally but when I go to check what version of the drivers is running it still says I have the old drivers. So I don't think they updated properly.

I have Windows ME (I know...I know) so I wonder if that has anything to do with it. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm going out of my mind here! Is there any other information that I need to post? I'm not great with computers so if there is you'll have to briefly tell me how to get it. Please help me, this is driving me nuts!

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  1. Try a different modem. If that doesnt work then it may be time to do a clean install to remove the viruses.
    Its possible the modem may have been damaged a little by a power spike or something.
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