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Ok - now that there are numerous dual core processors out on the market (AMD X2, Core2Duo, PentiumD) and the quad cores are being released; I started thinking what - if any applications or games exist - or are slated for release that will harness the full power of these processors.

I realize that I can surf for thinks I shouldn't be surfing for, Defrag a drive, and burn a DVD all at the same time - but what exists out there that can use the combined power of both processors - or all 4 processors for quad based systems?

So I ask the collective - what do you know of that is either in production, or been released that can use both cores. I don't care if it's word processing, database, games, benchmark, or multi-media.

Thank you for your assistance.

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  1. Multi-threading? Dude, just go for anything you'd use on a 3D workstation like Maya, 3dsmax, even photoshop. All that stuff benefits from multi-core and multi-cpu systems. As for games... I don't know of any yet, but I read that Valve is working on a threaded gaming engine and plans to start building games off of that next year!

    Hope this helps...
  2. I've been programming personal, multi-threaded games and apps for 5 years now. :? Goes to show you how slow the big corporations are.

    You've given me insentive to re-vist my two best examples I had kickin around. I've added some features for you that you might find interesting or better yet, useful.
    Feel free to check 'em out (sorry in advance if I can't post external links).
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