Help: Typical Virus/Trojan That Spreads Through IM

I need help on how to remove a virus/trojan that i'm sure you've all seen at some stage of your lives.

You know the typical day when you're chatting away on Messenger, and suddenly you get a message from a contact saying something along the lines of:

"Hey, ive got new party pics! Check them out at"

Usually the message varies and so does the URL, sometimes its a JPEG and sometimes its an EXE.

So you know the drill, when you click on the link, your browser opens an apparently innocent page, but the virus/trojan is downloaded and it infects your computer.
Next thing you know you've signed on messenger and you're sending away similar messages to all your contacts!

The question is, how the hell can we get rid of it? My girlfriend caught it the other day and its annoying...

Any advice?

Thanks for your time.
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  1. Download some spyware/malware removers from here and let us know if that helped.
    Does your gf have antivirus software?
    If not you'll find some free ones there also.
  2. She has NOD32 installed and working. The antivirus picked up the virus, but dident actually manage to delete it. It shows her warnings every now and then and she clicks "Terminate" but it never does anything.

    Shes tried Spybot search & destroy, that didnt pick up anything, neither did a tool by McAfee that i was reccomended, called "Stinger"
  3. I use AVG and is pretty good.
    You can try it.
    Almost all of the software from the link I gave you is free so you can try as many as you need.

    Good luck!
  4. if the antivirus picked it up, it should have given you a name, which you can google on how to remove :)
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