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IE7 Upgrade and "MSHTML.HLP" Fiasco

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November 7, 2006 8:56:11 PM

While I appreciate the many folks who swear by “Opera” or “Firefox,” I’m just going to hang with IE. Maybe I like it because I use Outlook Express for my main e-mail use. But it doesn’t matter. The question I have is for IE7, and that’s all I'd like to hear about. Plus, as a "lowly IE user," I don’t really need to be looked down upon by folks who feel they’re better than those of us who simply like what came with the OS.

I upgraded to IE7 last week. Since then, when I receive e-mails in OE with embedded images, and attempt to "Save Image" I now most often get a pop-up telling me that “MSHTML.HLP can’t be found. As a result, I can’t save the image.

When I looked to Microsoft for answers, what I found is pretty silly. “MSHTML.HLP does no exist.” It’s that simple.

Someone at MS did something in IE7 that did something to OE to make it look for that file. Rather than simply giving us a patch to do away with that silliness, they posted several links to the same message about the file not even existing.

I’m almost ready to uninstall IE7, and go back to IE6, but we all know that that will become unsupported in short order, so that’s sort of cutting off my nose to spite my face.

Has anyone got a better explanation, and maybe a FIX, for this particular silliness?

No insult to “Opera” or “Firefox” users meant. I just went through “Opera Hell” one time installing it, uninstalled it, and don’t wish to go that route again.


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November 8, 2006 12:14:02 AM

can you post a screenshot of the error msg here
November 8, 2006 12:43:20 AM

Fat Tony,

I don't know how to post a screen shot, here. This format won't let me just CTRL/V to paste it in like I can in a WORD document.

When there's a picture, I can Right Click on it, and be offered a chance to “save picture as….” If I try to save the picture, a small “Windows Internet Explorer” window pops up, saying “! The system cannot find the file specified.” There’s an “OK” button, if pushed just closes that pop-up with no action taken to save the picture. It also has a “HELP” button. If I push it, a “Windows Help” pop-up opens, saying “? Cannot find the C:\WINDOWS\system32\mshtml.hlp file. Do you want to try to find this file yourself?” There are also “Yes” and “No” buttons.

If I push the “YES” button, a “Save” window pops up to the syatem32 directory, and its “Open” field has mshtml.hlp highlighted. Of course, trying to open the file yields nothing since even Microsoft agrees it doesn’t exist.

If I push the “No” button, another “Windows Help” pop-up says: “! Cannot find the C:\WINDOWS\system32\mshtml.hlp Help file. Check to see if the file exists on your disk. If it doesn’t, you need to reinstall it.”

From what I’m learning through various sources, the Microsoft folks know there’s a problem. They’ve farmed it out to someone outside of MS Support. A solution is hoped for by the end of the year. But if someone else found a fix, that’d be great.

Right now, I can forward the e-mail to myself, and open it in webmail to save the picture. But I don’t want to spend that time.

IE7 was supposed to be an UPGRADE. So far, it’s got that problem. I don’t like it.

Edited to add: I just noted that the save function seems to work if the picture is not contained in an .eml attachment, but is in the main body of an e-mail. Maybe that's why I'm not always having a problem with it. But it is happening with each .eml attached picture I just tried.

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November 8, 2006 11:14:41 PM

i've searched my 2 xp systems, one with ie7 and one with ie6
neither of them have an mshtml.hlp file talks about your issue but the reference links are dead unfortunately, it does point to a bug tho

i suggest you try creating a new user and testing it out
if you have other browsers and email apps installed, as a test make sure IE and outlook express are both your default web browser and email clients
November 10, 2006 3:05:30 PM

Fat Tony,

Right now, I don’t have any other browsers or e-mail clients installed. Recently got a new Drive C:, and started XP Pro SP2 fresh. Used to have Netscape, (because that was my work client,) and Eudora Pro, but those are long gone, now.

I think the Yahoo MS Support Group, (can’t recall the exact name as I found it while Googling this problem,) had about the best response to the trouble.

It IS a problem. MS acknowledges it. But they’ve handed it off to someone else to fix…Maybe the place responsible for whatever’s causing it…and the hope is that it will be fixed by year’s end.

It seems to be something related to HTML, or whatever else is going on in OE and IE7. I’m more hardware guy than I am a software guy. (Maybe why I had such trouble installing and attempting to use “Opera,” and its plug-ins.)

I can get around the problem by either forwarding those e-mails to myself, or using my ISP’s web-mail to view, (without removing them from the server,) any e-mails that may have pics I want to save, and then go ahead and receive them as usual, (deleting them from the server,) in my POP3 OE application.

My Alaskan ISP’s web-mail client doesn’t allow me to embed pictures, so I am still using OE for my e-mail. I like it. It’s simple. And it’s been seamless with IE6, up until this. And my ISP won’t let me send through any other ISP but it, so I have to dial into it to send e-mails. Using my cell phone as we travel around the country for sending anything longer than a text message is a time consuming pain. I don’t wish to give up that e-mail account and ISP, so for a while, I’m stuck like this. I have various other web-mail accounts, but still like the way OE works for what I do.

I’m hoping MS gets rid of the problem. If they don’t, then I guess I’ll revert back to IE6 and consider MS’s e-mails about upgrading to IE7 just so much SPAM.

November 18, 2006 12:32:40 AM

I've found the same problem! Why I upgraded to IE7, I don't know...but the twist Ive found is that I can save embedded pictures in some emails, but from a certain emailer, I get the same message described above!

All I can figure is it's a security setting. I've played with those setting until I'm blue in the face (the Blue Man) but can't get any movement.

Finally, I had to snag the pictures I wanted using a grabber tool. I use firefox for browsing, but IE for some content that firefox has issues with...but IE is such a bitch! It screams security flags for every page I try to load. It acts like an ACLU lawyer on steroids!
November 18, 2006 12:53:04 AM

I solved the problem. I dragged IE7 out the back door by it's kicking, screaming, whining dll's and tossed it into a snowbank.

Now, my Outlook Email saves embedded content correctly.

I still browse with Firefox, and recommend that you give it a try; I just use IE for....Outlook Express's cache?

Good riddance!
November 18, 2006 1:06:33 AM

Thanks, but I'm still hesitant about mongrel browsers.

I thought that was overly clear....

November 18, 2006 2:37:00 AM

replying to the first poster... you said you didn't wanna switch cause you wanna keep using outlook express.... who said you can't?

I use firefox for browsing and outlook express for mail.

im actually gonnna change to thunderbird, but that's besides the point.
November 18, 2006 3:05:20 AM


I can see where someone could get confused. I just didn’t want to let that poster, (or anyone else,) know what I think of the software that bombed on me for no apparent reason. I’m just not a guy who likes to use experimental stuff, and then feel a need to be dazzled to the point that I post in some Internet chat room when it does something that I’ve found IE to do for me without question for so long.

But what I had said in my first post was, “No insult to ‘Opera’ or ‘Firefox’ users meant. I just went through ‘Opera Hell’ one time installing it, uninstalled it, and don’t wish to go that route again.”

I had spent a long time downloading all the Opera files, and thought it was going to install cleanly, (after all, people were hyping it to the hilt,) with all the downloaded plug-ins functioning…Much as IE does when it’s downloaded.

What I got was a mess. No plug-ins worked, and it seemed I needed to be a software engineer to understand what was wrong.

I just don’t want to do that, again. Nor try it with "Firefox."

I don’t use a MAC, either. I don’t fault anyone who opts to go that route, either.

Enjoy whatever browser you like. More power to ya. I just have more to my life than asking others about how some mongrel software is supposed to work, when it ended up “miss-firing” within a Microsoft environment.

Now I guess I’ll hear from people dedicated to groups that extol the virtues of the mongrel OS’es that are out there….

I know that this temporary OE glitch will be done away with sometime soon, and my MS auto-update will bring it to me without my having to continue to search high and low for someone to give me a permanent work-around. I’m willing to wait, and not throw the baby out with the bath water. IE does all I need it to do. I’m no “power user,” I don’t need to do “tricks,” and I like the heretofore-seamless interoperability Windows has always given me.

November 18, 2006 4:08:13 AM

Well, I do believe you are a little confused, if you are calling "Firefox" the mongrel browser.

Just check out the browser share here," on one of my favorite blogs, Little Green Footballs... a monster that has 75 million hits.

Firefox versions and Mozilla are respectably tearing up the market, remarkable in that it is mostly by word of mouth. You'll notice a lot of 'improvements' in IE7 are result of playing catch-up to Firefox.

Firefox is open source. Try that with Bill Gate's products!

November 18, 2006 4:33:06 AM


I was afraid of this.

Look. I have a son-in-law who is a software developer. He set up a web site with photos of my grand kids that allowed the family to enjoy the latest developments. While I was at work, (where we had to use Netscape,) I couldn’t pull up those photos. Turns out he had to change something in there to allow that non-MS browser to interface with the configuration he had used for the web site.

I can only imagine what he would have to do to get it to work with either “Opera,” or “Firefox.” I won’t put myself in a position to make him meet my demands. But I’ve since retired, and taken to using nothing but IE for my browsing.

As I’ve said. IE does all that I want it to do. It does it without asking questions, or popping up with obtuse error messages about something not being Kosher in whatever it was I attempted to open.

Fool me once…Shame on you. Fool me twice…Shame on me. I don’t wish to go through that old “Opera” fiasco, again. And I don’t care if many people are pleased with other browsers. Perhaps they prefer to do things with them that I don’t wish to do with IE. Whatever floats their boats.

The number of people hitting a website mean little in real life, actually. To me, it means little more than the number of votes so many low-life politicians manage to get from the many millions of people eligible to vote…long with those many dead voters.

As I’ve said. It doesn’t matter what browser one wishes to use, or what browser does what some folks want it to do. I am happy with IE. I didn’t need the “improvements” that MS put into IE7. “Tabs” means nothing to me. And any new “look & feel” was totally unnecessary, as far as I’m concerned. For all I know, they may have been attempting to “look like” “Opera,” or “Firefox.” I have no idea. (But "tabs" does sound awfully like "Netscape" to me.) If that’s the case, then shame on MS. They fell for the hype. They should have simply left well enough alone, and not screwed with my saving embedded photos with my OE. That is all I’ve wanted to do that is now in a temporary “problem” status, thanks to their diddling with a working browser.

They shouldn’t have changed it. But since they did, they should have foreseen the glitch it’s got while sending out “Beta” versions to the folks who simply can’t leave well enough alone.

But now that they’ve screwed the pooch, they know they need to fix it, and are working on it. And IE6 won’t be supported forever, so I will simply keep IE7.

Which means I don’t have to dump IE because OE has new problem. I like IE, and plan on staying with it.

If I ever come up with something IE won’t do, that I feel I must do, perhaps I’ll experiment and try a mongrel browser. But in the meantime, a few million mongrels will never outnumber the BILLIONS of IE users.

Oh…And, (unlike many,) I don’t hate Bill Gates for being rich from his work. I ENVY him. I wish I could come up with something that would get me that rich.

Even if IE or other MS stuff was “Open Source,” it wouldn’t matter to me. I’m a hardware guy, and never understood software. I don’t mind it if someone who develops a money-maker prefers to keep that money in his own pocket, rather than letting pilferers run off with it. (And, yeah...I hate those folks who steal artistic work -- by downloading music, etc.-- simply because they can.) I’m guessing Gates would hire someone who can offer improvements to his products. And he should crush those who would steal it from him.

And I would love to get that rich, even if it’d earn me a few jealous folks who prefer to hate people they can never become. No matter how much they’d love to be so rich as.

November 18, 2006 5:58:33 AM

I've replicated the problem on this computer... but I have no idea how to fix it. Simply installing Firefox isn't going to work, because I also have FireFox 2.0 installed on this computer and the problem still occurs. Perhaps if it's the default browser... I dunno.

I understand your trepidation concerning software you're not familiar with... but the only way to learn is to try. Sure, you'll fail sometimes... but hopefully each failure will teach you something and help you learn. I'm not afraid to dive in head-first because I know I can fix my own screw-ups. Yes, it is time-consuming, but so is waiting for a solution to this issue. Instead of waiting for months for a minor issue to be fixed, you could be waiting a matter of minutes.

You have to decide what's important to you. It seems that if you want a quick and easy solution, it's already been given to you. I fully realize it's not the solution you'd prefer, but right now it's the only one. You can either go back to IE 6 or try another browser. (Though I'm begining to wonder if this is a browser issue or an OE issue).

I have no idea about Opera, but I know FireFox is EXTREMELY easy to set up. Of course, I do both hardware and software... so I suppose what's easy for me may not necessarily be easy for someone else.
November 18, 2006 11:50:25 AM

That's your boat, and it floats, it's well and good with me. I, too, am a 'hardware guy', but today one care barely separate the two. In my field of industrial electromechanics, it's not just relays and cam switches anymore! When I hit the field in the late '70's we could readily ascertain a mechanical fault, but progressively to date it's become much more blurred.

This particular problem is linked between Outlook Express and Internet Explorer. I remember the 'bad' days when OE would default to opening a link into IE, and I would immediately have to copy the link, shut down IE and post the thing into Mozilla (who was first on the block with stand-alone popup blockers, BTW). But with XP, finally Windows recognizes that IE isn't going to be the 'favorite son' of everone who uses Windows (lawsuits may have reinforced that line of thinking) and the link in OE now correctly opens in Firefox (which has a bug in 2.0, BTW, but that's another thread).

So when I upgraded to IE7 (for whatever reason) the current annoying cross-application bug surfaced. I'm graphics-intensive, and couldn't figure out why the bug was sender-selective. That drove me nuts! Why does one e-mailer have the 'privelege' of allowing his imbedded image to be saved, and one does not? The key to the bug is there. (I first thought some wag had found a way to protect the image from copying, given the Windows peeps have tended to go overboard on the copy-protection-download-loss-prevention thing...

But the real reason I love Firefox is the 'adblock' extension. Never again do I have to look at an ad of any type! Visit a site like Fox News or CNN and you are assailed with FLASH-driven nonsense. One click, and use the wild card, and that ad will never load again, on any site. Powerful stuff...and anathema to IE, given that net-driven advertising keeps the intertubes running.

I guess, to maintain the health of the intertubes, we should not promote the use of Firefox and Adblock verymuch...there I go, thinking like Gates again~! (I really never got over Commodore losing to those pesky IBM Clones anyways...)
November 18, 2006 6:27:16 PM


I hear ya. There is an ever-finer line between software and hardware. When I first experienced “plug & Play” with Windows 98, (I think it was,) I was amazed that the software could tell what was in the box. (Some of the time, anyway.)

I’ll be miffed when Windows XP is no longer supported. Just as I was when 95 and then 98 faded. I never played with ME or 2000, but at work was into NT, which never was friendly to the stuff I preferred to do. I was happy to retire and get away from that. Even though I personally upgraded my box to Windows XP Pro.

When I have pictures embedded, so far I just can’t save any of them from any of the folks who send them. It wouldn’t surprise me if some user out there is using a different e-mail client that maybe mixes the pictures without whatever OE is now sensitive about. I have been to sites that have protected not only pictures, but text from being copied. I have no problem with folks who want to keep their work proprietary. They are willing to risk non-recognition for some of their work. But they also get to avoid what is, after all, wholesale theft that seems to be the rule these days. As for the e-mail, I can work around things by forwarding the picture e-mails to myself, too. When it’s forwarded, I open it with my G-Mail account, which, (even though it’s opened in IE7,) doesn’t seem to mind letting me save the pictures.

MS knows about it. It’s something to do with HTML, or the other varieties of HTML that are used in these applications. They’re going to fix it. I’ll just wait.

But I just don’t wanna go another route and open what I previously found to be a can o’ worms for me, by using any non-MS browser.

My pop-up blocker works in IE. Worked in both IE6, and now in IE7. Banner ads don’t bug me. It’s the prices I pay for using someone’s work when I choose to browse their sites. But so far, I don’t go to places that have what are truly irritating banners.

I understand why some folks loathe Bill Gates. I wish those folks would grasp why I respect the man. And no matter who it is, once a company goes “global,” it’s going to become just another mega-concern that appears to be more out for the almighty dollar, than it is for individual user satisfaction. It’s just the way things go. I miss the days of yore, when I could use one purchased copy of Windows to load it on as many machines that are in my house. My wife’s laptop uses the Windows XP Home that came with it, and I can’t “legally” install my OEM version of Windows XP Pro to help us network more easily, here in our RV. Flash drives are what we choose to use, rather than plugging into a router. If I felt that was too much, I could simply purchase Pro for her laptop. But it’s not enough of a problem to go that route.

I hope to remember to come back here when MS gets the patch to fix this glitch, and update this thread.

November 18, 2006 6:33:38 PM


You didn’t elaborate about what else you may have done when installing “Firefox 2.0.”

The problem is that upgrading IE6 to IE7 also does a thing to OE. So if you want to undo the glitch, (regardless of your choice of browser,) I think you may have to uninstall IE7. And maybe even OE, and re-install IE6, which will also put OE back in.

I don’t want to mess up my address book, so I’m simply going to hang tight while the patch is created and distributed. It’ll happen.

And, yeah. I’m lazy. This is what works for me because the hassle of having to forward pictures is not as big to me as would be trying to get the hang of another browser.

Plus, my wife uses this machine for when she wants to print without using that Flash Drive. And she is too used to IE to change. Not to mention she just upgraded to IE7, now, as well…Maybe because I have.

Good luck in what you do.

November 18, 2006 7:28:02 PM

But that's just it... there's nothing to "get the hang of"... if you use IE you can use FireFox. The two are virtually identical. The only difference is the positioning of the buttons (Back, Forward, Stop, etc.). Functionaly, it's the same browser minus the ActiveX controls.

Not trying to dissuade you from using IE, because I use it myself. I haven't had any security issues. I know they exist, but I keep myself up to date and always have a decent firewall / antivirus / antispyware running.

In my attempts to find a workaround, I believe I have one for you. Right-click the embedded image as you normally would, but instead of choosing Save as..., choose Copy. Then open MS Paint, go to the Edit menu and select Paste. That should paste the image into Paint, and then you can save it. (You could probably use any photo program, I just tried it with Paint). This would be more time-efficient than sending the mail to your Gmail account and opening it there.
November 18, 2006 7:51:15 PM


Touché! Paint works perfectly.

I tried copying pics to WORD. Didn’t work. Never thought to try Paint. Paint Shop Pro works, as well!

While I can forward them to myself and then use G-Mail to grab them, it means I have to use my cell phone to slowly dial into my ISP, which is what irks me about that workaround.

I may eventually migrate to “Firefox.” Just not now. And hinging upon whether MS patches this glitch.

We’ll see.

November 18, 2006 8:01:29 PM

It wouldn't have occured to me to try Word... I just thought that a photo program should work, and it did. Glad to have found a simpler workaround for you that actually works. It's still not ideal, but at least it works and it doesn't involve connecting to the internet.

Since MS is aware of the problem, I'm sure it will be fixed. I'll have to try the same thing in Vista to see if it exists there as well. (Outlook Express has been replaced by Windows Live Mail in Vista).
November 18, 2006 8:21:21 PM



Now that you mention it, I don’t know WHAT I was thinking when attempting to paste the images into WORD, aside from the fact that I usually have WORD open, and it will accept images. It just won’t SAVE them in a standard image format, and would only work if I mailed the entire document.

I use Paint Shop Pro a lot, and never even gave it a thought to paste it into that.

But for this, Paint is best because it opens even quicker than Paint Shop Pro, and I don’t need to massage these images before passing them on.

December 16, 2006 2:47:46 AM

How do I remove IE7 and reinstall IE6. I too am not able to save pictures when in the body of emails. It is just too annoying for me. PLEASE ADVISE as IE is not in my add/remove programs.
December 16, 2006 3:10:56 AM


I’m personally afraid to try to go that route. That’s why I was so pleased to get Zoron’s work-around. I’ve been able to Copy the pics and then save them in Paint. Then I can embed them in the proper places I want them and pass them on. That saves so much hassle of forwarding the e-mails to myself!

I’d do that for now, if I were you. And hang loose while MS or its contractors deal with the supposed fix due around the beginning of the new year.

One good reason is the fact that IE6 won’t be supported after a short period of time. So if problems develop, you’d be left hanging.

As an aside, your nickname makes me think you may be in charge of some Golden Retrievers. (If it’s even possible to “be in charge” of them.)

December 17, 2006 5:50:08 PM

go to c:\WINDOWS\ie7\spuninst\spuninst.exe, this will remove ie7, the ie7 folder within windows is hidden so make sure u're showing hidden files/folders in explorer
December 20, 2006 11:54:39 PM

Hi Gyro...
I read thru all your posts on this subject and I understand what you were saying about Firefox, et al...I tried them and got similar results, and do not want to go that route again, either. I have also encountered the same problem you have with IE7...grrrr! I hope someone creates a patch for this soon as I have to do things differently than I have done in the past. I did find that if you "copy" the picture instead, that you would normally have right clicked on and "save as", you can paste it onto a page in your photo program (I use Micrografx) and that works ok. The only problem I've found with that, so far, is those sparkly pix that come in can't seem to be saved to retain the sparkles. So they are being put in another file till a fix shows up. Until then, this "copy" way serves well.
Best to you...
December 21, 2006 1:34:39 AM


I’m glad I can copy the things to Paint. (Or Paint Shop Pro, if I’ve already opened it.)

Since I also have the Paint Shop Pro Animation software, if there is any action in a photo, it’s most likely a .GIF, rather than a plain .JPG or .BMP. I’m not sure if saving it as one in Paint will make it work, (that is an option in Paint, though,) but if I were to save it in Paint Shop Pro’s Animation software as one, it’d still be animated.

I’m guessing that as long as you’ve copied it to a clipboard, if you save it with the proper extension, you should get the animation.

A fast way to test it is to save it as a .GIF, then open it with IE, to see the animation. Not all photo software can animate an image.

Give it a try if you have one handy. I’m curious.

And I’m also hoping to hear soon that the patch is available.

December 21, 2006 4:49:33 PM

Hi Gyro...
Well, I decided to put in my 2c worth to Microsoft, too. Here is a copy of the note they sent me...another "wild goose chase"...ugh... "Thank you for contacting Microsoft Online Customer Service.

I understand that you are receiving errors in Outlook Express, when you right click on the picture and also when you click on "Help" you receive errors . I realize the importance of your concern and would be glad to assist you.

Windows XP Media Center Edition is only distributed as an OEM version. This means it comes pre-installed with computers. As a Customer Service Representative, I recommend contacting your computer manufacturer for further assistance. They will be in a better position to assist you in this concern.

If a product or software is preinstalled or distributed with your computer, your primary source for support is the computer manufacturer who provided your Microsoft software."

Merry Christmas...
December 21, 2006 5:39:15 PM


You sure got a runaround. Probably some automated response, judging from the dreadful lack of sense it makes.

It does go to what I saw in some Yahoo Group, though...That MS isn't holding itself responsible for Outlook Express, even though the IE7 upgrade seems to have started this thing rolling.

Maybe they're going to beg off responsibility for IE7, next???

I gotta start digging around to find out just what Yahoo Group I found the info about a possible fix coming around the beginning of the year. I should stay on top of that site to see if it happened, and I missed it...

Do try saving those animated images as .GIF files, though. Those are the ones that should continue to work, given the proper viewer.

Good Luck,
December 21, 2006 11:12:43 PM

I've never worried about the animated pix working before. They always did just fine when I'd rt click and save to "My Pictures" file. I only have one program, that I can see, that allows animated pix but when I tried to save to it, it refused it. grrrr. If I just rt clk and hit copy, I don't get the animation. Well, I'll figure something out.
Yeh, you do that...find out what site that was in Yahoo. I'll hunt around, too. This is frustrating. They were always so good at coming out with fixes before. I wonder why they're slacking off now. Then telling us it's OUR faults. Sheesh.
Well, have a Merry Christmas...
December 21, 2006 11:46:50 PM


I just dragged up an e-mail I had with an animated .GIF file and copied it to Paint. Sure enough…It failed to remain animated. :( 

I have so many photo manipulating programs on this PC that it never dawned on me to do it until I wanted to save standard .JPG images.

You know, you can always e-mail the photo to yourself, if you have another e-mail program, or your ISP has a web-mail application you can then receive it on. (I’ve got several Yahoo, Hotmail, G-Mail, and my ISP’s web-mail applications I’ve used to get around this glitch. I hope you have a selection. If not, a G-Mail account is free, as are the others, still, I think….)

I’ll post if I find that Yahoo group.

December 22, 2006 3:21:28 AM

Hi Gyro...
Yeh, I have several photo manipulation programs on my pc, too. I've been doing this for several years. My dgt just told me to forward special emails to her and she'll save them on the flash drive. So I'll try that and see if it works. Since the problem is with IE7, sounds a little leary. :) 
I got another response from Microsoft. Here's a copy. It's a little better than the first run-around I got...
"Hello Jeanne, Thank you for contacting Microsoft Online Customer Service. I appreciate the time taken to write back to us. I apologize for inconvenience.
Since the issue you are experiencing is related to Internet Explore 7, I recommend that you speak with a Support Professional, you may contact the Technical Support Team by calling 1-866-234-6020. They are available from 5 A.M to 9 P.M Monday to Friday and from 6 A.M to 3 P.M on Saturday and Sunday, Pacific Standard Time.
Jeanne, I hope the information provided above is helpful. However, if you have any other issues related to Microsoft, please contact us. I will be glad to assist you.
Thank you for using Microsoft Products and Services.
Paul, Microsoft Online Customer Service Representative"

Well, that's all for me tonight.
December 22, 2006 3:27:56 AM


Well, I hope your daughter can save the images the way they need to be saved. I’m guessing that if she just saves the e-mails, with images intact and embedded, you may still not be able to get them off the Flash Drive in any fashion that’d be usable.

That reply from support seems a tad more human. Are you going to give them a call?

I wish they’d include something of an acknowledgment that they know of the problem. Surely a whole lot of faithful up-graders have been shouting this at them.

Good Luck,
December 22, 2006 3:59:53 PM

I haven't tried it that way too busy. I'll LYK what the result was, tho. She should be able to rt clk and save it to the flash drive and then I shouldn't have any problem retrieving it in it's animation state. BTW, you were talking about pasting a pic into can do that, but it just won't be animated. I go back and forth with WORD and Micrografx when I need certain things from one or the other.
Yes, I'll call them, but not till after Christmas. How about you? Maybe if we get enough people to innundate them with calls about this, they'll finally fess up and make good on it. Like you, I also like IE and have no plans to change. I once tried FF and Thunderbird and there were too many conflicts in other programs so I deleted them and decided never to go back to them. I have a son (he's a computer GEEK) who uses FF and loves it. He can have it. I don't need the headaches.
December 22, 2006 4:29:17 PM

Oh duh...I just realized that I run my email from Gmail to OE, which means all my OE mail is still located in gmail! So I just went there and was able to rt clk and retrieve the animated picture. LOL Also, I've found that I can rt clk SOME of the pictures sent to me, but others I have to use the copy and paste system. All still a hassle, but it'll suffice till either I delete IE7 and go back to IE6 or MS (or SOMEONE) fixes the problem.
December 22, 2006 4:51:27 PM


Glad you have that way to do it!

I also recently set up a “Personality” on my OE to gather my G-Mail. Haven’t had to use it, yet. And I do wish my ISP’s web-mail client would allow POP3 functionality, so I could use OE with it, too.

As for being able to right click and save some pics, but not all, you may also have the “Display Attachments” option clicked, because if I try it when there’s an attachment noted on an e-mail, I can save those pics.

There’s just something about this bug that only affects saving embedded pics. Something to do with the encoding in an HTML type e-mail body.

I wish I could locate the conversation in whatever support group I saw, regarding the expected beginning-of-the-year fix. But I’m guessing MS is having someone work this out. They have to. They will eventually run out of Borg-type replies to all the inevitable on going complaints!

January 10, 2007 7:55:45 PM

I encountered the same problem: being unable to save some but not all images embedded in e-mails, whereas previously I'd been able to save anything I cared to. When I went through Microsoft's tech support, they tried to disavow responsibility, contending I should contact the computer manufacturer--unless I wanted to pay for their assistance.

I went to a different Microsoft site and, using the Contact Us feature, wrote and reported the problem. I assured them it was a Windows issue, that the problem occurred sometime after I'd done an update, and that I wasn't going to pay for them to correct a problem they created.

Eventually I received an e-mail from them that said there's sometimes an incompatibility problem between IE7 and some computers and/or third-party programs. To correct I'd have to remove IE7.

Here's the procedure, in case it'll be helpful to some of you:--

1. Click Start, click Run, type "APPWIZ.CPL"(without quotation marks) and press Enter

2. Check Show updates on the top.

3. In Add/Remove Programs list, select Windows Internet Explorer 7 and remove it

4. Restart the computer.

After that, please verify if the issue is resolved.

The moment the computer rebooted, I discovered the problem was solved and I could save embedded images I'd been unable to while IE7 was in the system.

January 10, 2007 8:14:41 PM


Thanks for the input. I can’t believe that’s their excuse for this. But if that’s what they say, that’s all they’re going to do about it.

I suppose it stands to reason. I built my own PC with a regular Pentium4, but it’s using an old Jetway Motherboard. I’m sure some of my CMOS is old hat to MS’ idea of “currency.”

So, when I remove the IE7 Upgrade, I will then have my old IE6 back? (That’s the thing that I worry about…Being stuck with no way to download IE6, should it disappear when I delete IE7.)

Another problem arises when I’m back with IE6, and MS stops supporting it for the usual reasons. I wonder if subsequent updates will automatically wipe out IE6, with another IE7 upgrade.


There just has to be a better solution.

I’ll hang on for a while, but keep this info on file.

January 10, 2007 8:45:45 PM

Hi Gyro...
I'm still not getting anywhere with this problem, either. I did find that if I can't just rt clk the pic I want to save, I can rt clk and hit copy, then open my art program and put the pic there and then save it. A step I consider unnecessary, but I do like IE7 and so far, that has been the only problem I've encountered...SO FAR. I'm getting ready to download all my pix to my DVD recorder, to clean up my pc. I've had my lap top for almost a year, and their "3rd party" problem is a JOKE. I'll keep looking for answers and hoping they'll finally take care of the problem. I've also been looking to CNET for help. So far, nothing there, either.
Take care...
Happy New Year...
January 11, 2007 12:05:14 AM


I’ve been getting by the same way. May still hang on a while more. As long as I can copy the pics and paste them into Paint Shop Pro, I’ll survive.

After ruminating on it for a while, what really gets my goat is that the “error” calls for a file that does not exist.

No matter what hardware you have to run there program on, it’s not going to magically make “MSHTML.HLP” appear out of air.

If it’s not a bug in the software, why the heck doesn’t it ask for a file that may actually exist, but just might not be compatible with certain hardware?

I’m going to wait for one of the MS wonks to create a better “answer” for THAT!


Happy New Year to you, too.

Maybe the "fix" is on it's way....
January 11, 2007 6:59:53 PM

Yeh, doesn't make much sense, does it? Another thing that gets my goat is that SO MANY people are complaing about this TO THEM and they keep sending everyone on a wild goose chase! Why don't they just admit they err'd and fix it!?! We all know it's THEIR problem, so why are they blaming everyone else??? sheesh! Yeh, I'll hang in there, too, as long as I don't encounter any other problems. I was in CNET reading some of the problems others have encountered, and ours looks so minor by comparison. Have you read some of them? There are thousands of complaints there!
Well, have a great day! I'm watching snow come and go. We don't get much of it here (S/W Oregon) and when we do, I'm all excited about it! :D 
January 11, 2007 9:05:41 PM

Come on up here... we'll show you what snow is all about.


January 11, 2007 9:29:49 PM

That's ok, but thanks for the offer. I lived in Ks when I was a little kid, and kind of remember the snow (and the drifts). I'm sure it's nothing like you get there, but that's enough of a memory for me. I like just getting snow every few weeks and it doesn't stay around so long that you tire of it easily. We got snow last March, then just after Thanksgiving, and now. That's fine with me. The kids don't care one way or the other, but enjoy it when it's here. Esp when the school calls for a Snow Day.
January 12, 2007 3:15:28 AM


I’d be afraid to go delving into those other problems. Luckily, I’m a “lite” user. If I were a power user, I’m guessing I’d have switched to Linux, by now. :) 

I’ve just started getting Blue Screens of Death, supposedly due to some driver. I dunno what I’ve installed around the time when THAT started happening. That’s happened often enough with Windoze versions, that I don’t tend to note just when the first occasional Blue Screen of Death starts. I don’t wanna go into messing with drivers until I absolutely must, though, as I’m guessing there are a bazillion drivers running on this PC.

You’re right, though. With that suggestion to COPY the pics, it avoids the hassle of using my cell phone to send them to myself.

As for snow, I’m sure you enjoy seeing it a bit now and then. I always enjoyed a fresh snow, too. But having retired out of 25 years in Fairbanks, Alaska, and living in a fifth-wheel trailer for now, way down in southern Texas this year, (southeastern Alabama the past two,) I’ll just be satisfied seeing snow on TV, or when we tow this rig up into some mountains, next summer, in hopes of avoiding the dang heat that’s been so prevalent, everywhere, the past several years. I just don’t want to have to shovel snow, blow snow, trudge through snow, or drive on a snow-covered or icy road.

And Zoron! I hear ya. You can have that arctic weather. I’ve had enough. Stay warm, though!

January 12, 2007 2:07:19 PM

LOL at getting out of the Alaska snows, and not wanting to go into that again. We have a friend up in Alaska who flies cargo around the world, so he gets out of there often. El Paso got some snow this year, you know. Being from southern Ca, I didn't get to see much snow, except from a distance (mountains), and if I was able to talk my husband into going up there (he hated going up there). I only lived in Ks for 3 yrs (military brat). Well, the kids got yesterday and today off! My husband wants to retire (still has 3 yrs to go, and we still have kids at home), and traveling around in an RV sounds like fun!
Have you gone over to to see what they might have? They are actually featuring a talk on IE7, and how to revert back to IE6. I'm a "light" user, too. Mostly email and just working on photos. I need to get them off my pc, tho. My 80gig HD only has 8gigs free. Gee, and there's only a year's worth of pix on it! I'm a photography nut.
Well, have a great day!
January 12, 2007 5:49:52 PM

I forgot to you have Verizon? I don't know about other services or phones, but I have an LG phone and they have a little SD chip that you put in the phone and D/L the pix to, then put in the little adaptor and into your pc. That way you don't have to pay for sending pix.
January 13, 2007 12:40:27 AM


Too bad you didn’t get to Alaska. They say, “Once you go to Alaska, you never quite go home.” It’s a trip. In all ways.

Looks like inclement weather’s headed to just about EVERYWHERE, the next couple of days. The McAllen, TX newspaper has all sorts of warnings for everything from people to crops. A freeze could really mess up commerce down here. (I’ve gotten sort of fond of getting citrus from the tree!)

I think I’ll go mess around CNET to see whassup with IE7. It sounds, (from Darnell,) as though reverting back should be easy. I’m keeping it on file, just in case MS gets by with the lame-o excuses they seem to be emitting right now.

Why dump the photos off your hard drive? (Aside from having back-ups on some other media? You could do like I did and simply add a HUGE drive. When one of my little ol’ 80G hard drives, (“C:,”) seemed to need reformatting, I simply put in a 120GB hard drive, (faster, with air bearings,) and formatted the ol’ drive to be a spare. So I now have oodles of space.

But you might want to copy those to CD or DVD, just to have them off the single-point storage method. (I have files on two different drives in this, and my wife keeps her favorites on her laptop and CDs.)

I have a Verizon cell, but it’s a cheap Samsung without a camera. My wife got the camera-phone, even though it’s seldom used for pictures. She only has neater “wallpaper” on hers than I have on mine. I’m so deaf that I can’t hear the phone ringing, and unless I’m consciously holding onto it when it also vibrates, I get loads of voice mails and missed calls. So I doubt I’d ever want to upgrade…Even to a Blue Tooth compatible phone. I’m always impressed with what can be done with those cell phones. As long as I can dial my ISP, or get onto Verizon’s network when there’s no wi-fi, I’m satisfied.

And because I’m happy with the phone, my wife only has to deal with me having to buy a nice new digital camera, after my old camera finally died.

January 14, 2007 2:40:33 AM

Hi Gyro...
I'm sorry I never got to Alaska, too. My inlaws were going to take us one year, but I kept getting pregnant (I have 7 kids!). Our friend, up there, lives in Fairbanks. Maybe after my husband retires, we'll drive up there one summer. I know it's beautiful up there! So is Canada. We did go up there, one year.
Yes, the bad weather is all over the country. So Ca, where we're from, is getting freezing weather and crop warnings. Snow has fallen in areas where it normally doesn't. Weird weather all over the place. I have several fruit trees, but no citrus. I had citrus trees in Ca, tho.
Hmm, never thougt of that...getting an external drive to keep them on. I've been keeping them on DVD's but it's a pain to take the time to move them over...I'm always doing SOMETHING. I have a small ext HD, but it's only 10 gigs. So I just went in and asked my DH to see what's available. He read off several and showed me a 500 gig for $180. I have a lot of CDs and DVDs of pix already. I take a LOT of pix. On a one-week vacation, I took over 3,000 pix! As for digital cameras, I outgrow them all the time. Poor DH is always looking for a new one for me. Isn't digital wonderful?!
I only take the pix with my cell when I don't have my camera handy. The pix are no where near as good as the camera. My cell will let you set up pix for the caller ID, so I take pix of all the people in my phone list and set those up with their numbers. Then I can just look at the phone to see who's calling. My car has built in bluetooth. Makes it easier to use the phone when driving, but I hate talking on the phone, anyway.
Did you learn anything on CNET? I'll stick with IE7...for now.
January 14, 2007 7:16:31 PM


SEVEN KIDS! Lordy! I guess you have taken a few baby pictures, eh? I’ve got two daughters, and they were about all I needed. :) 

If you ever do get a chance to take the trip, the trip alone is worth the time. Going through Canada is beautiful. I’m no fan of high taxes, but they seem to put them to work up there, keeping the infrastructure up and clean. The mountains, lakes, rivers, and glaciers are phenomenal.

Alaska is great, too. But it needs more highways. You pretty much have to either fly or float to so many places that driving isn’t enough…But it’s a great start.

There is a way to avoid some repetition, too. You can fly up and rent a car to drive the 800 or so miles of accessible highways, and take a cruise back. The state marine highway ferry system has decent state rooms, and you don’t have to cope with all the activities that cruise ships have all the time. (I’d rather sit on a quiet deck and watch the sea and the sea life, than go dancing or play shuffleboard.)

As far as an external drive goes, that’d work. But you can even add a second internal drive for not much cost. Then you can keep a back-up set of pics on that drive. They’d be readily accessible, and easy to modify if you want to.

I find I have problems organizing my photos. I had Picasa all set up with our various sets of photos just when my original Drive C: died. I haven’t gotten back to it, yet. But that’s the way I guess I’ll keep mine straight. I need to get busy and work with my “Flip Album” software, too. I need to shrink some pics down to a manageable size and create photo albums I can send to friends and family. No sense having all these photos if no one gets to SEE them!

I had an Olympus E-100RS for years. It was only a 1.5 Megapixel camera, but it was fast, and had a stabilized 10X optical, with 2.5 digital zoom. I went to take pics of my trailer’s Christmas lights and it wouldn’t turn on! So I went shopping, and now have a Canon SureShot 3 IS. 6 Megapixels, 12X stabilized zoom, and I think a 4X digital zoom. And, unlike the 2.3’ minimum macro distance on the Olympus, this one focuses down to its own lens!

I’m keeping file size to a medium level so my 1GB SD Memory cards will last a bit longer. And the size doesn’t eat my hard drive. If I have something I might want to be very creative with, I’ll use all the pixels I can get so it will always have good clarity. I’m learning how it works, slowly. I hate having to read a book to learn, but I keep the manual handy so I can do what I want when I want, even if it takes a few extra minutes.

I just had to go buy another PCI wi-fi card for this PC. It died, Friday evening. I haven’t been anywhere, yet. But I intend to check CNET out. A couple friends have asked some PC-related questions that I need to check up on.

I’m not a big talker on phones. Luckily, being half deaf gives me an excuse to not be reachable every time someone calls. And I try to get friends and family to try to call after 9PM, wherever we are, so I don’t eat up my minutes. SO far, we haven’t gone over our plan, but I keep that as an excuse, too.

Take Care,
January 15, 2007 1:31:02 AM

Hi Gyro...
Lol about the kids! Yes, I've taken quite a lot of baby pix and not just of my own! (I also have 6 grandkids) I donated time for MANY years to the elementary schools my kids went to, and took pix whenever there was a party or field trip or whatever, and printed pix to give away. I do have quite and extensive array of equipment. I was also the photographer for our church youth group for 4 years. I've always loved photography but never knew anything about it. Just took pix. But then CNET had a "class" on it, and I took it (free, online) and learned so much about how to use my camera and that's why I have outgrown so many cameras...looking for just the right one. There is one out right now that I want but it's $1600 and my DH doesn't want to spend that much just yet. He just got me a new camera last April! It's a Sony (DSC-H1), 5.1 mega pixel, 12x optical zoom. This one is SLR-like, but the one I want is an actual SLR, with 10MP! It's also digital and uses the same chip I use now...Memory Stick Pro. I usually take 3MB pix and sometimes 5MB. I save them, but I also make copies on a much smaller scale, to share, mostly over the internet. I don't worry about the size of my pix. I have several MemSticks, just in case. I create photo files by dates, months, then years. Each individule file is also named by what it contains. Then I also make an insert paper with whatever is on the disk so I know where to find what I'm looking for when needed. That's been helpful to me since I usually have a pretty good memory of when something happened, or approximately when.

We went out today and got a 500GB HD for me. So now I have LOTS of room for my photos, no matter what size I make them! Thanks. :D 

When we went to Victoria Is, we had to take a ferry. I enjoyed it, but my DH gets motion sickness, and how!

PS: I think we've kind of gotten off subject a bit. What do you think? I haven't seen any more about this problem, either. grrrr
January 15, 2007 2:32:22 AM


Good going on the new drive! Enjoy.

As far as the thread going far afield? Who cares? If MS is reading it, I figure they’d give us the fix just to end this!

January 15, 2007 1:48:13 PM

Forward the email with the pictures back to yourself and then right click and save the pictures to a folder. You will then be able to open these photos. I tried it and it works. It seems that this only happens when I get emailed photos from one source. All other email attachments are ok. Just email it to yourself and it will open. Good Luck. :lol: 
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