I have been using CA Internet Security Suite for the past year or more and my subscription finally ran out last month. I was using The firewall, spyware and virus programs that come with the suite and as well as Adaware and Spybot as secondary scanners. I was quite happy with the Etrust secuurity suite and was going to renew until I found out that CA made a new version for 2007. I treid out the 2007 version and didnt really like it, it seemed to slow my computer down far more than the older version. The 2007 version seems to be a resource hog. Part of the reason I liked the old version so much was thatit was verylight on the resources and worked very well with my older 1ghz Duron 512mb notebook tha I still use almost everyday. The 2007 version slowed it down far to much.
So im gonna go with paid security software. And i need some advice on what to do and which are the best. I have basically two directions I can go in. One is an all-in-one security suite and the second is going with seperate programs for each, firewall, spyware and virus. WHich is the better solution. Also what are the best suites and best seperate virus, spyware and firewall programs?? The features most important to me are low resource usage and good real time protection. Heres the programs im lookingat right nowe

Norton 2007 security suite
Zonelabs Security Suite
Panda Securtity Suite
Kaspersky suite


AVG spyware
Spyware Doctor


Any others I should be checking out? Whats everyones opinions?? Should I go for the security suite? Or go with seperaste programs for each spyware, virus and firewall, picking the best for each individual task??
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  1. I have preferred Panda Platinum Internet Security for some time now. I haven't had a single issue with malware since installing it.
  2. Heh, Frankey...check your PM box. lol, this is weird. I just mailed you.

    Anyway, I have ZoneAlarm Pro firewall right now; version 6.5.

    It keeps me safe. I haven't had any problems since I've had it. It blocks a lot of stuff. Pop ups are pretty much non-existant. Viruses and trojans no way. Then again, I don't go onto awesomely crazy sites.

    The only down part that I can think of is...even if you allow a game to run, and online, when you do play online it messes up the pings. I have to shut it down to play Battlefield 2.

    Other things...hmm..maybe a bit too detailed? I mean it has a lot of bells and wistles, and you can control a lot.

    I have it on pretty high security settings, and I have a hard time loading images on Firefox. I have to not clean my cache for a long time if i ant to finally be able to view those images/emoticons/other forms of posted media. For example, I can;t view gifs unles I shut it down.

    As for virus security, I use Symantec Anti-Virus, corporate edition. A friend recommended it and said it's not a cpu hogg. I didn;t do any testing myself, but it seems OK.
    The good thing about this Corporate edition is that no registration required, no activation key required. PM if you want more info. And by more info I mean, very good info. I don;t want to sy anything here because I'm new and don't know the rules.

    Hope that helps!
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