What drive should I put my pagefile on'?

Ok I know that since I have 2gigs of ram the pagefile is probably not going to be used very often. But id still like to know whats the best way to set it up in my system. I have two hard drives the first is a 74gig WD Raptor which I use for XP and programs and the second is a Maxtor 300gig 7200rpm that i use for storage. I currently have the pagefile setup on the storage drive since most people say it should be on a seperate drive from XP. The only thing i was wondering is, the Raptor is a much faster drive so would I be better of putting the pagefile on it even though XP is on that disk as well?? I guess what im really asking is, whats more impiortant for pagefile performance, being on a seperate drive from windows, or being on the fastest drive you have even if its the drive XP is on??
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  1. I have read some bench mark reviews on have the page file on a seperate partition or drive and it doesnt really make a difference unless you can tell time in milliseconds. The main reason for putting the file on another drive is to cut out fragmentaion of the swap file and the rest of the drive. Computers are soo much faster than they were when this idea first started that overall speed is not really affected as far as real world perceptions.
    Ill look and see if I can find those articles again.
    Here's one. Clicky
    Here's one on planning partitions.Clicky
    I would make a 2 to 4 gig parition on the raptor and use it just for the swap file. Set your swap file to a static size of say 3 gig and leave it.
  2. since the raptor is 10,000 RPM your system may actually be suffering from having to access the pagefile on a 7,200 RPM drive

    i suggest you put the two drives on seperate channels
    in most senarios having the pf on a seperate drive from windows is recommended, but in your case, due to the rpm difference, i'd put the pf on the raptor
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