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Late last night, I decided to visit Newegg to check out some prices on computer components. To my dismay, the site appeared jumbled.

I also discovered Google's main site lacked the Google logo and instead showed the red x of doom!

Finally a picture of what Tom's Hardware looks like to me.

Woops sorry for the god-awful links, I'm new at this forum, and never really had to use imageshack for stuff before. I believe you can make out the gist of the problems from them though.

Can anyone tell me whats wrong? I did a spyware scan with adaware and a virus scan with AVG free. I am also having problems with playing embedded wmp files, but I suspect this is a seperate issue as it began happening about a week earlier. Most other web pages are perfectly fine.
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  1. It looks to me like some of the image links either aren't getting a connection or are timing out before they get downloaded. It could be caused by lots of different issues, but if I was forced to bet, I would guess it is a connectivity problem with your internet connection. It would help to know what ISP/ connection type you have, and if there are any routers or firewalls running anywhere between you and your ISP.

    I certainly wouldn't rule out a software issue, but a good first step might be to just call your ISP's support line if that's an option availavle to you. One thing you can do to see if you are getting a solid connection between you and the server is to do an extended ping test. You can try a general site like to start with and then try specific servers that are giving you trouble. Here is how you can do it:

    Go to Start>Run
    Type in "cmd" (without the quotes) to bring up the command line
    At the command prompt, type in "ping -n 100" (no quotes)

    That will run 100 pings (1 per second) to the site you type in to make sure you can continually get a connection to it. At the end it will give you a percentage figure for loss (failures). Typically this should be zero with a good connection.

    If an image fails in you browser you can right click on it and go to properties to find the domain for it and use this for a ping test. For this site, it's

    That should at least help narrow it down.
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