Antec PSU's.

Are they a good brand?
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  1. I used them in all my AMD XP builds but running 24/7 they die in about 3 years and often take out alot of parts when they do.

    I will not use them in a newer builds and now only use PC Power and Cooling.

    If you just need a replacement PSU for an older computer there are alot of good PSU's to pick from....if your building a new dream toy don't skimp on the PSU though!

    Also if you get a PC pwr & Cooling unit if you call the company in California after the 5 year warrenty runs out they will rebuild it (new hd fan and caps) for a modest fee and even test it under full load in the oven they use to heat it to 50C!
  2. yes it is. Don t let the uglyness of their products fools you. if my memory serves me well, they are the first company to make really efficient psu( about 85%), which is good for power consumption especially when the 8800 and r600 come into play. makes your room cooler too. i once did a little of math with the money i would economize with a 85% vs 70% efficient psu of about 500 watt, and i would save the cost of the psu within 5 years of use for 16 hours a day at a rate of 6 cents per kwatt/hour(quebec). i mnot totally sure if i remember correctly but it was significant.

    long live to companies making efforts in that direction( i own a seasonic for those who think i m a fanboy)
  3. agree 100%.

    i can understand someone that is buying a case that s is nice looking for a price premium. but for any other parts...the look should not even be considered. But poeple just can t resist a good looking psu because it MUST be good. you just have to take a look at all the cosmetics and fancy things found on the units: if companies make them, then it s because it sells.

    i honestly think the computer market is similar to the car or electronic market in that matter. a psu doesnt have to be beautiful doesnt it?
  4. a plain solid black psu with one or 2 fans (one intake one exhaust), and the specs to match will do it for me. *looks at psu in sig*
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