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I have been having problems installing two HP PSC scanners on the same computer. Its a custom built XPC with Sempron 3000+ and 1GB of RAM running Windows XP Professional. I don't want BOTH of them installed on that same PC but I have tried one and that came up with an error, tried the other and it came up with the same error - it seems this PC doesn't want a printer attached to it and is digging its heels in tight in order to put up a real fight!

I cannot seem to install HP PSC 1215 series printer or an HP PSC 1402 series printer. When it comes to connecting the devices in the setup Windows XP comes up trying to find the software for USB Printing Support, and it fails saying that something was missing in the INF file.

This installation is brand new - what files do I need to get the USB printing support working properly and where the hell can I get these files. The PC is with my sister in Hull - will I need to send her an XP PRO disc so she can get these files.

For the record the printers worked fine on three computers in my house each running XP PRO and one running MCE 2005.

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  1. Make sure all USB / chipset drivers are up-to-date. Also, what service pack are you running?
  2. Service Pack 2

    I am using the USB 2.0 Drivers that came with the Shuttle XPC Motherboard CD. Where can I obtain the latest, as I cannot find the latest chipset drivers or USB 2.0 Drivers from the shuttle XPC website for my barebones?

    Also can they be downloaded as an .exe file so that a luddite like my sister can simply double click it, and let it install.
  3. can't update usb drivers on sp2, it's already included by microsoft

    get the latest drivers from HPs websites, disconnect the usb device from the compy and reboot it
    install the hp drivers and whatever, reboot if required, then plug the scanner in and see if the drivers get picked up

    two services need to be running for this work properly: print spooler and windows imaging acquisition (wia) - check in services.msc
  4. Problem fixed!! I had to install an HP 1215 using the driver CD that came with the new 1402 printer

    Followed the advice from HP, except this time I searched for the USBPRINT.IN_ file from the SP2 disc, copied it to the hard disk and extracted it. First time round it went wrong saying the printer could not be detected. I followed HP's advice at this point, unplugged it and replugged it and after two replugs it came back to that same error message where I directed it to the newly extracted files. The other subsequent hardware entries were then installed one after the other.

    PSC 1215 works fine now even under the new software but the fact that such a crucial system file should get left out mistifies me completely.
  5. I had the same problem with the HP 1215 - it stopped working after I plugged a USB flash drive into my PC

    Re-installing did not work because I got " Device not recognised " message when was USB cable plugged in. I uninstalled
    all HP printer software, rebooted and did a clean install. When the software prompted me to plug in the printer, I used a short
    USB cable ( < 6 ft ). This time the correct USB driver was detected - using a long USB cable does not work during install - it's ok
    to use once the printer is successfully installed.

    Seems like XP got confused and assigned a wrong usb driver to the printer when I plugged in the USB flash drive.
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