Can you SLI a 8800 GTX with a 7100GT?

Hey every one i just want to know if it is possible to SLI a shitty MSI 7100GT with a BEAUTIFUL BFG 8800GTX?, i know it would be pointless its just a broad question to prove a friend wrong. lol.
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  1. for sli you have to have identical cards, so no, you can't sli them.
  2. Thanks, was just confused by a guy on You-Tube Who claimed that he has a 8800gtx sli QX6700 extreme, is a QX6700 a graphics card or a motherboard? Kind of confuziling
  3. qx6700 is a quad-core core 2 extreme intel processor :P 8)
  4. LOL, Thanks. Well me and my friend were both proved wrong. Cheers.

    FYI Medievil 2: Total War is the best game ever, runs my 8800GTX so twice as hard as POblivion 8O
  5. take care :)
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