ati2dvag driver stopped working blue screen appears! HELP!!

Hi im new I have a Toshiba Equium EA60-173 PSA67E-00700C8J
Im having often reoccuring problems almost as soon as i reboot my laptop freezes and a blue screen appears saying the ati2davg display driver is stuck in an infinate loop. and my laptop has to be rebooted, also it freezes and changes to the lowest display settings and a window appears saying the display driver it has stopped working properly. I need advise on how to sort this as its very annoying, my laptop also over heats, gets very hot and just turns itself off. the fan constantly runs.

Any ideas or advise greatful

Thanks Jamie
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  1. I don't know about the over-heating. Is this laptop still under warranty?

    As for the driver...

    What ATI card do you have? Did you egt the latest driver from ATI for your card? Do you know how to go get the latest driver for your card?
    IF you answered YES to all these question, CONTINUE to read below.
    IF you answered NO to any of these questions, DO NOT FOLLOW THE STEPS BELOW.
    If you answered NO, to any questions, please post the info on your video card from your laptop. If you do not know how to obtain this info, post again here saying so.

    Can you use windows at all? Can it boot normally sometimes? Do you have the internet on it?

    If you have another PC where you can DL an ATI driver, do so and then save the downloaded file (DO NOT double click this file after download complete) it on a disk or flash drive. Then, put it in laptop and put the ati file on desktop.
    If you can use windows on it, and have the internet, you can directly dl the file to the desktop. Make sure you save ti to desktop and not a previous location.


    As windows boots up, press and HOLD F8 key (press it and hold it as soon as you can after boot begins). Use arrow keys on keyboard to select "Safe Mode".
    Then see what happens. Windows should boot in a crappy resolution, but that's OK.
    Go to "Add/Remove" programs in your control pannel, and search for any ATI files. Then, remove then and restart.
    Press and HOLD F8 during boot up to verify you're running in Normal Mode. If it's not on normal mode, use arrows to select "Normal".
    After windows is doen booting, double click the ati file you put on the desktop and let it run. This will install the new ati driver.
    After the driver is finished installing, it should promt you to restart. After that, everything should be fine.
  2. Thanks for the interest.

    Its an ATI Mobility Radeon 7000 IGP The version is The date of it is 9/3/2004. I d/l a driver from toshiba then I installed it restarted the computer but the problem still persists. I have windows and internet fine, but after 30 mins or so it crashes for some reason it gets very hot, if I have a electric fan on it, it tends to be more reliable???? weird
    Do I have to uninstall the old driver?

    Kind Regards
  3. You're laptop is overheating... make sure any and all fans are operating and that any vents are clear of dust.
  4. don't install new drivers on top of old drivers
    uninstall them first, clean it out, reboot a few times and see how things are without the ati drivers at all, just use the default windows ones

    then think about installing the latest
  5. I mentioned in my specific instructions to remove old ATI drivers. When people take the time to help you out, at least pay attention.

    I'm not angry, just kinda disappointed. You seemed eager to fix this. Not only did it take you days to respond, but you didn't even read the directions carefully.

    Your old driver is ancient.
  6. My apologies!,

    Im greatful for every post thanks!
    I have uninstalled all drivers and am now running off the windows driver. The problem has stopped so far! The only side effects I now have is when i scroll down on internet explorer it creates a wave effect, but the problem I originaly had has stopped. thanks again for every ones advice.!

    Kind Regards
  7. I have to also state that when I said I installed a toshiba driver and the problem carried on, I had done all of this before I posted anything on this site, I should have said that, Since I followed the instructions above ' Install all drivers and run from the windows driver' the problem has stopped. Im still unsure how to get the latest version for my laptop.

    Kind Regards
  8. go here:

    and dl that driver. don't forget to go to cntrl panel. add/remove programs, and remove anything ati.

    then restart, and install the above driver.

    PS: That card is OLD!
  9. Thanks again for the interested, very much appreciated.

    I have d/l the driver from the page however when I start the set up two windows appear saying: Video driver not found. Then:
    Setup could not be complete try to setup up display adapter with a standard vga driver before running setup. Since I have deleted ALL ati applications when I boot up its asks if I want to install new hardware: vga compatable video driver, But this just installs my old driver. does the vga driver need to be uninstalled to??
    Kind Regards

  10. you've probably downloaded the incorrect driver package
  11. friend had the same problem....we couldn't install that new driver. Had same error.

    I'm going to try and find out for ya.
  12. thanks, as I said my laptop has stopped crashing and overheating. It has took over a year to find the root cause. My thanks to all above who have advised.

    Regards Jamie
  13. So is your problem solved now? Or do you still have the driver problem/weird graphics when scrolling and such?
  14. Hi,

    I still dont have a driver and the scrolling is still a minor issue but if you dont mind finding me one id be very pleased, I dont wanna feel like im using up your time!
    Kind Regards
  15. Well, as I mentioned, my buddy has the same problem. He does have a driver, without scrolling issue, but he cannot install a new driver, and that stops him from playing a game.

    I looked on Google for a bit and found a couple things. I'll see what else I can find, but it might be a while with T-day coming and a lot of school work.
  16. Quote:
    don't install new drivers on top of old drivers
    uninstall them first, clean it out, reboot a few times and see how things are without the ati drivers at all, just use the default windows ones

    then think about installing the latest

    I have uninstalled all ATI drivers and I am running from my windows driver. Id like advise on which drivers to download as the crashing, and turning off of my laptop has stopped however when I scroll in internet Explorer it creates a wave effect also video quality is slow.

    Any Advise appreciated!

  17. Hey,just found a fix which works on my Dell,anyone know if changing the '82801 PCI bridge' - to 'standard PCI to PCI' bridge will have any adverse effects on my notebook(slower bus speed maybe?).
    Fix is at .
  18. damit yo, i have a desk top with the same ati2dvag problem and i duno what to say lol, it also over heats, freezes, and alot of other stuff.. theres alot of crap going on with this ati2dvag, i read somewhere over the net, if your using a specific version of the graphics card, 70% of all users using this will have this problem.. bleh. its anoying *comp has just froze* crap.. -.-
  19. Hello,

    I had this blue screen problem on my thinkpad this morning. I think this was caused by a change I made on the airplane with my battery setting. I changed it to "Power Source Optimized" which change the fan setting to "balanced". When I changed it back to "Maximum Performance", then the fan setting went to "Maximum Performance" and the problem has gone away.
  20. I had the same error. I found a fix on a different website and am passing it along. The 8.X and most 7.X drivers have incompatibility issues with certain video cards. The incompatibility issue is the BSOD loop most people are complaining about. I had to completely disable ATI External Event Utility in order to alleviate the issue. Here is how: 1. Go to run command 2. Type in services.msc 3. Find ATI External Event Utility and right-click for properties. 4. In properties under "startup type" select disable. I have not noticed any decline in performance or anything else negative. That does not mean that disabling it might not cause other related issues. If this does not solve your issue, you may as well go back and enable ATI External Event Utility.
  21. I had the same problem. My is a Acer Extensa 4420 using ATI Radeon 1205. I downloaded the official driver from Acer Europe and my computer started to crash intermittently. I went to ATI and downloaded their generic most current one for all drive update program. When I ran it, it refuse to update and stopped. Apparently, there is an agreement between AMD and ATI about updating each other's driver despite being the same hardware. I just went into the directory (luckily it was on C:\) and updated the driver from their via control panel hardware. It now uses a 1200 series driver and I have not had a crash since then!!!!
  22. for the issue with the lack of a working driver, goto, look in their download sections for the modified drivers, not the official ones, these usually have a modified inf file that allows them to be installed on any graphics card.
  23. I have a Dell Inspiron 530 with an ATI 2600XT with Dual DVI and one S-Video port. We use that at our church with a projector and Dell monitor. the projector only has a VGA input so I used a DVI-to-VGA adapter for that. I also used the same kind of adapter for the monitor. I've had issues where the monitor goes into power save mode for no reason and lately, it's been crashing with this ati2dvag error popping up. Dell is going to send a tech to replace the motherboard and video card, but I'm not confident that this will solve the issue. We've only had the computer since December 2008 and it's not dusty inside. I reseated the video card and it still gives me these issues. I did notice that when I use the DVI on the monitor, it didn't crash last night. However, when I removed the DVI connector and tried to use the DVI-to-VGA adapter and the VGA connectionon the monitor, it crashed repeatedly. I went through all the t-shooting steps with the Dell tech last night like removing the ATI stuff in Safe Mode and rebooting. still didn't work. I had the side panel on the computer off too so I'm pretty sure heat wasn't the issue unless the card itself overheats regardless of the ventilation on the system. It's very frustrating since you only have so much time to trouble shoot in a church environment. I'll let you know if replacing the card and motherboard fixed the issue. If anyone else has heard of the powersave mode issue, please let me know. Thanks and God bless.
  24. I'm having this same dump problem with my computer at work, I get the rolling effect when I'm on ie. I have two monitors hooked up to my computer and the craziest thing is that I only get the rolling effect on monitor number one but not number two, so I just been using number two while on line. I'm going to try some of the above suggestions to see if I can resolve this problem, I use this computer for work so I'm in need of two functioning monitors so far it hasn't effected my work programs, but when I start the computer up the ctrl alt del command window does not show up, but if I just type in my password it allows me to log into windows, pain in the a** but at least it is leting me in. I hold my breath everytime I restart the computer for fear it is not going to let me log on the next time. If I have any luck resolving this issue I will let you guys know. Wish me luck!!! :pt1cable:
  25. I have a similar issue with the Radeon x300 (i.e. ati2dvag infinite loop and BSOD). For the past few weeks I was researching solutions and so far none worked. The problem surfaced after I rebuilt the system around the DP43TF MoBo. Only the GPU and HD's were left unchanged. Here is a summery of I did and did not do, as well as a temporary conclusion:

    - reinstalled drivers, clean slate. Fully removed reg values, etc. (I used CCleaner). Repeated with/without WDM support, Catalyst and various combos. Dx 9.0c and .NET framework 3.5 SP1 were previousely installed as required.

    - Changed to generic WinXP PCI drivers (No AGP here), instead of the Intel ones. (via update driver, selecting "PCI to PCI [...]" etc')

    - Repeated the above after flashing boot HD with new WinXP install. I used Repair option initially to boot XP following the hardware changes. All new drivers with latest firmware. left the best for last - GPU would work with vga.sys only (generic WinXP driver), BSOD otherwise.

    - Disabled secondary GPU to exclude incompatibility issues with DDR2 RAM (X300 uses 128MB of local DDR, while using 128MB system memory for a boost)

    - looked into GPU bios upgrades. Found two, for 196MHz and 200+MHz real clocks. Mine was current for the 196 version.

    - finally, I looked closely in Everest to note that the X300 uses PCI express 1.0. Checked PCI specs for the DP43TF - PCI Express 2.0, backward compatible to 1.1. My assumption that the issue lies there (the CPU to AGP fix seems to have similar roots). My next step is to upgrade to a new GPU since I am done messing around...

    Best of luck to all, many thanks to so many who came up with fixes and ideas. keep them coming. I hope the info above helps :hello:
  26. One solution I found for my Lennovo T400 is
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