Why I can't move my hard drive in another laptop? Security?

I have my hard disk drive with windows xp installed and all my personal setting and applications.
I would like to use this hard disk in another laptop that I have, but
windows xp does not even start !!

I moved the hard drive in the other laptop... but the laptop keeps on rebooting when windows xp starts the loading screen. (The POST is fine, no errors, the hard disk is recognized and it has no defect)

It is this a Windows XP protection? How can I get rid of this?
Any way to move my hard disk in another laptop, without reinstall all over again?

Any idea?
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  1. Are the laptops identical? Do they have the same chipset, video, etc.? If they don't, simply sticking a hard drive in isn't going to work. Windows does NOT like being moved to a different platform/chipset.
  2. The laptop are identical, it might be that something really small is different.

    Anyway I would like to use my hard disk drive in another latop without reinstall everything again.

    The problem is that I will keep on moving the hard drive all the time I swich laptop. And I switch laptop often.
  3. theoretically...it should work if they're identical
    what if you create two hardware profiles for windows and see if it'll make a difference
  4. You can do a Repair installation of Windows get the correct drivers to load.

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