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Know it's not the appropriate place for this, but this has more traffic than the others ;)

Anyway, on Thursday my computer crashed. Well not really crashed, just... turned itself off. Reason, unknown. Rebooted fine, didn't lose any work over it. Meh...

Problem is that firefox was running at the time. Now when I go to start it up it gives me the options "Your last Firefox session closed unexpectedly. You can restore the tabs from your previous session, or start a new session if you think the problem was related to a page you were viewing."

Well, I wasn't browsing when the crash happened, so I first clicked "restore tabs".. nothing, it just hangs then sits unresponsive. Okies... close that through the task manager, and try again! This time hitting "start new session" .. same thing.. wtf!

So I'm back on IE for now, trying to look for a solution aside from reinstalling and starting from scratch.

Anyone have this problem before? I've been googlin my ass off but I can't seem to find anything similar to this?
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  1. AUGH! ok, after searching, I couldn't find crap. Seems no one has had this problem. So I uninstalled, cleaned up the comp, and reinstalled. SAME THING!

    Great... now to find out where this is hiding...

  2. ahh.. well ok, i posted on their forum and all they told me is to disable the pop up from coming up.. well that doesn't do me any good when the browser is completely un responsive...


    deleted the profile from application data / mozilla / profiles... uninstalled and reinstalled and everythings peachy. Lost all my damn bookmarks.. figured backing up the "bookmarks" file would save my bookmarks, but it doesn't look like it does :P

    ah well. problem solved!
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