DS4 or DQ6??

time is nearing for my new build, with intels price drops and ati's new video cards coming out soonish :)

i am planning to use a quadcore cpu in my build.... my question is which of the above motherboards should i go for?

i plan to overclock the q6600 a little...hopefully to something like 3ghz
i'll be using a thermalright HS/F to do the job

the ds4 is available to me for $60AU cheaper than the dq6... so if there are no major reasons to go for the dq6 over the ds4 that will probably be my choice... i wanted to run it by the knowledgeable people here first before i make up my mind :)

thanks in advance
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  1. I could be wrong but the only real difference I can find is the Onboard Audio.

    The DQ6 has the 885DD chip so it does all the Dolby digital processing that the DS4 doesnt.
  2. From what I picked up, the DS4 doesn't have the Crazy Cool backplate. Kind of an plus actually since you might have to remove it for many of the aftermarket coolers.
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