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so ive got the windows 7 RC and i want to upgrade to windows 7. problem is, i need to backup all my files b4 the big upgrade and the windows 7RC and my backup hard drive DO NOT get along. the OS recognizes the backup drive fine, but when i try to move files to it, it wont work. the transfer window opens and the files start to copy, the transfer rate and the ETA look normal. but half the time the transfer window freezes and i need to restart explorer. if the transfer window manages to run without freezing, the transfer moves PAINFULLY slow. the other day i set my computer to backup my music b4 i went to work. the folder was about 70GB and the eta on the transfer was about an hour and a half. 8 hours later when i got home from work, the transfer window was still chugging along. i checked the backup drive to see how many songs had transferred, and my computer had only manages to copy 50 songs in 8 hrs. i have the exact same problem when i try to use a card reader to move some music from my computer to my cell memory card. im thinking its a driver problem since the windows 7RC is basically beta software. since the official version of windows 7 is out, would i be able to take the disk drivers and install them on the RC version? i think this would solve my problem, but who knows... any suggestions would b great.
system info:
windows 7RC (not sure what release i have)
RC is installed on a raid 0 setup
backup drive is a 1tb hitachi
can provide more system info if needed

-tested 1tb drive on an old xp setup and it worked perfectly
-also tried the backup with the 1tb on different sata ports... so im pretty sure this isnt a hardware problem.
-ive already updated my mobo drives and installed fresh drivers for each of my hard drives
-reformatted the 1tb device with no improvement
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  1. Is there an update of sorts on the drive maker's website? Sounds like to drive is lacking W7 support, so if you can find a driver update for it, I think it will solve your problem.
  2. Surprised you have so much to backup, RAID 0 with music files and other important files is risky.

    Anyhow, have you tried an external drive?

    Try finding the latest drivers for everything, like your motherboard chipset drivers, raid drivers and the back up drive's drivers. Still no luck, then you can either use an external drive, but if you dont have one, buy a USB 2.0 wire for your backup HD. This way you can try using the backup HD as an external HD. Will only cost a few $$ and worth a try.

    Alternatively, try another HD, borrow from a friend/family.

    Worse case, you would have to burn to DVD's and copy back to HD after installing new win 7.

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