No sound from rear speakers in 5.1 in movies with X-fi

I have the Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer card. When I use the channel test in the Audio Console (Game Mode), I hear everything just fine. Sounds come from the correct speakers. But when I'm watching a movie (like right now, Sin City bluray version), I can only hear sounds from the front left, center and right. In games like Battlefield 2 the sounds works just fine. What could be the problem? I would really appreciate any help. A good movie is so much more with good sound.
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  1. I believe both new dvd formats use some DRM to make it difficult to copy. This DRM only lets 2 channel output go unless you are using HDMI to the AV receiver. In my opinion, this just sucks. I know very new video cards can do HDMI out.

    If this happens on regular DVDs, then your software player may not be set to 5.1. Some of the OEM versions of players only do 2 channel. Try digital out from the sound card to your amp.
  2. Are you sure your DVD software has surround enabled? Most of the dvd softwares will make you pay extra to get the 5.1 sound. So I would check the audio settings of the player.
  3. Welll it could also be entertainment isnt enbaled, Game mode and entertainment mode are like LIGHT and DARK in the audio world....
  4. I don't know if this applies to you but I had a similar problem with PowerDVD. I have an X-fi coupled with a 7.1 Gigaworks setup. I noticed that when I set the powerdvd to an 8 speaker setup no sound was coming from the rear speakers. However, when I set it to a 7 speaker setup everything worked fine. Maybe you should set it to 5 speaker instead of 6 speaker? Keep me posted whether this suggestion works please.
  5. I can't remember which setup TAB I saw this on. (I'm at work so I can't look at my home setup right now)

    But I remember seeing a checkbox that says "Allow exclusive control of hardware by applications".

    I just can't remember if it's in the speaker setup, sound card setup, or somewhere in the Windows control panel.
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