Hi all
I have a keygen application I d/l to my desktop, after severel attempts to delete it, it refuses to budge. I've tried deleting it via safe mode, but still no go. I tried a system restore, still no go, restore failed. I tried a restore at least half a dozen times, to different dates and times. Nothing worked.
When I try to delete it a window pops up (white x in red circle, you know the one) "Unable to delete as it's being used by another person or program. Close this program and try again"
Yeah did that, still no go.
Anyone come across this?
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  1. What's the name of it?
  2. copy(2) of Morpheus Ultra Keygen
  3. hi.
    i have one of these files that refguse to delete.
    i just leave it there.
    i don't know how these files are benn creating.
    once after a dvd ripping i had a similar file
    about 700mb that refused to deletet.
  4. Is it a executable? or did you have to use another program (like daemon tools) to open it on a ghost drive?

    If it's on a ghost drive you have to unmount it, then delete it

    Other than that... no clue dude
  5. Can also try Move On Boot. It's free and this simple tool allows you to Move, Copy or Delete files before Windows can lock or alter the files. The changes are made to your hard drive before Windows starts, hence it requires a restart of your system after you give MoveOnBoot its instructions. There are no messy boot or DOS commands, just a simple 3-step process.

    Step 1: Locate the name of the file that is causing your problems.

    Step 2: Decide if you want to copy, move or delete the file.

    Step 3. Choose a destination for moving the file, or a new file name for the rename option (this option won't appear if you are deleting a file).

    Click OK to confirm you want to process. The nice thing is that the program doesn't make you reboot straight away. It's a good idea to reboot ASAP, but if you are in the middle of something and want to wait, the program will simply run next time you start Windows.
  6. I have tried everything to get rid, just worried about the system restore not working!!!!!
  7. Thanks for the tip, I'm d/ling MoveonBoot now. Will let you know how I get on.
    Thanks again
  8. CHEEZball you are a f***ing star mate, it worked a treat, got rid in a flash mate. I think this prog will come in handy in the future.
    Thanks a bunch geeza, btw bacis you need to use this handy tool.
    Have'nt tried system restore yet, but will do very soon
    Thanks again mate
  9. yay :)
  10. Btw CHEEZball, nice threepennies.

    Rhyming Slang mate
    (Threepenny Bits = T*ts)
  11. was wondering about the "three" ;)

    thankies :P
  12. you can also use recovery console next time, but the app's prolly easier
  13. Recovery Console?
    I have not heard of this, can you tell me what it is and how I can access it please?
  14. ... and the rest of her is pretty good too... :wink:
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