Notepad keeps popping up

Help, I have a problem!!!!!
Notepad keeps popping up while windows is loading after a few seconds it closes again. I have no idea why my computer is doing this, but it is really annoying
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  1. Check for viruses, malware, etc.
  2. Also, check your startup files (Start/Run then type msconfig).

    One of your startup applications may be trying to open a readme.txt file or something similar.
  3. check scheduled tasks for any odd job entries
  4. Delete notepad.exe or move it to another location and see what error you get. Post in forum if you want.
  5. did you install something and have it for some reason read the readme file?

    is the notepad viewing any data? or it's just loading a blank notepad?

    if anything yea move it from it's location or first go to the msconfig and see if for some reason it's a startup object listed.
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