Optical drive help - New (used) drive isn't recognised.


I replaced a DVD R/W drive that had stopped burning, with a used one that i knew worked perfectly from an old PC, i put the jumper in the same place as it was on the one i replaced.

Unfortunately this new drive isn't recognised by my PC - how do i rectify this?

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  1. Anyone? Anyone?

  2. Is the jumper in the same setting? Just because it's in the same place it doesn't necessarily mean the same setting. For example, vertical far left might be master on one drive and slave on another.
  3. Shit. Good call.

    I never checked the lettering above the pins, just switched the jumper to the far left spot.....

    If that's not the problem do you have any other ideas?

  4. Nah, it's set up the same way, the pins correspond.

    Any other ideas?
  5. Now this drive will recognise disks, both blank and pre bought, but will still not write to a blank disk.

    Bizarre, both disks and Drive work fine away from this PC.
  6. What's the jumper set at? If it's CSEL, try manually setting master or slave. And if it's master or slave, try CSEL. And try removing all other IDE devices and only putting the optical drive as master or CSEL on the primary IDE channel. If that doesn't work, try secondary. Other than that, I dunno, I doubt bios flashing or anything would help unless there's a bios update specifically for problems like this.
  7. It's set at CS, i took the other drive out the eqaution altogether this time, and when i switched back on the PC brought up the "New Hardware recognised" bubble in the toolbar for the drive i put in.

    Whatever i do i still get the same "Cannot complete CD wring wizard" with the error.

    "There was an error in the writing process, the disk you attempted to write may no longer be useable"

    The disks are fine as is the drive, i don't get it?

    I really need a solution tonight as my GPU is coming tommorow and my build is finished, but it won't have net access as i don't have a install disc or Vista drivers. I need this POS PC to at least copy drivers and such to install on my new gaming rig.

    Thanks for your efforts man.

  8. How about on a USB stick?
  9. Cheers guys, tracked it down to a software problem in the end, Roxio was stuffed, just downloaded a free to use DC/DVD burner that worked immediatly.

    Another problem solved!!!

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