Help me build the ultimate rig, first build!

Well this is my first build. I've been saving up and waiting to make a truly bad A gaming system that will be awesome today and many tomorrows. I've done nothing other then salivating over the new technology that is in our finger tips. It's absolutely mind boggling to think of the difference between my 3 year old (or longer) $1500 so called gaming gateway vs these shiney new custom builds. Currently I have a phenom quad core with a 9800 GTX graphics card. This is so old school now that it makes me exited thinking of sli 570s. Well ive been researching for a few weeks off and on and I've come along way but compaired to you experienced builders I still have bunch to learn. I need some...well alot of advice on my powerful gaming build. I'd like to have the 3930k processor with 16 gb of super fast ram. Either 1866mhz or better. I don't mind to go to 8 gbs or ram either if it's fastest for gaming. Like 2000mhz or better. I'd like a NXTZ gaming case just cause they look like a futuristic sleek transforming killing machine. Anyways Im looking for an awesomely upgradeable Mobo for up to 3 sli 570s much later and enough power for at least sli 570s now. I need to know if there's a awesome cooler for the processor that will surely fit into a midsize case cause one review threw me off when a guy was talking about the 212 hyper cooler. He said the side of the box could not fit over it for the 212s designed look stuck up to far. So I need to get whatever good extra fans I need on top of the processors cooler that are awesome and not to loud. I'm getting windows 7 thankfully b/c vista is.....behind... Ah who am I kidding Vista blows. Um is there a difference in gaming between win pro and win ultimate? Maybe I should just simplify these questions. I'm not good at making decisions. I want to have a build that is more future proof. Like an over sized power supply that's efficient so I dont need to upgrade later for at least duel 570s to a possible 3 way sli. Plenty of starting ram extremely fast so I don't have to rebuy faster later I can just add more. So please tell me why I need to add to a future lasting gaming rig build around the I7 3930k and up to 2 or 3 570 GTX sli cards.
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  1. Oh sorry I didn't mention the SSD set up ;(. I wanted to play some MMOs on the main harddrive ( maybe a fast 120gb SSD and my OS on it too. And a seconday 7200rpm 1TB HDD for more games. Is this the best way to maximize performance? Or should the SSD be dueling smaller SSDs and putting the Operating System and a few games on them? And if dueling SSDs is better performance then, dueling 2 1TBgb HDDs for the secondary would would be better too? Sorry this is my first build ;)
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