Building a new gaming PC - Please help. :)

Greetings everyone,

I was referred here by a friend of mine, he told me this was the best community to get advice from, so here I am!

Basically what I'm looking for is a fast gaming computer than can handle anything I throw at it. I will mainly use the computer to play games, listen to music, browse the web and edit videos. I'd love to be able to play WoW, have a browser open with several websites up, music jamming, in the middle of downloading something and using ventrillo at the same time without any sort of lag, having everything run as smooth as silk.

I want to be able to run games like WoW and Quake 4 at the highest settings, with everything running smoothly.

These are the parts I have picked out:

Hard Drive:
Graphics Cards:

I'm still confused when it comes to the mobo and sound card. I'm not sure what a good mobo would be, one that would work with what I have picked out and one that is top notch quality.

My questions:

Would these parts be able to do what I want?
Are they good quality and will last me a long time?
Any suggestions on a good mobo?
I've also noticed while looking around that some mobos already have sound cards, would it worth getting a new sound card?
Would it be a good idea to get CPU fans? Or any other fans?

Budget really isn't any issue, I'd like to keep it under about $1600 though. Any feedback would be much appreciated, because I really don't know anyone who builds computers. Anymore details that I can give that would help, please just let me know.

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  1. WElcome, glad you came.
    The RAM you choose is wrong, you want DDR2-800
    Nice case, I have one similiar to it.
    AMD lowered prices, you might want a +6000
    Thas MoBO looks good
    ASUS M2N-Plus SLI Vista Edition
    Other stuff is ok, I think you should get one better card, like a 7950 for less money will run more newer games.
  2. Putting two 7600GTs in SLi is a bad idea, you'd get MUCH better performance out of a single card for the same money. For example, an 8800GTS 320 costs the same as those two 7600GT's and would be 2-3 times faster.
  3. Ok, I edited my OP with new RAM, processor and graphics card.

    alcattle: How does it look now? And with that mobo you linked, do you think getting a new sound card would be a good idea?

    jeff_2087: Was that the graphics card you were referring to?

    Thank you much for your replies.
  4. Just to reinforce what other have said SLI'ing cards instead of buying one better one is a really bad idea.

    SLI, is best when you already have one card, can't afford a real upgrade to something a lot better but can can afford another cheap card to SLI.

    SI with 7600 cards only makes sense if you already own one and are broke.

    a 7600 SLI isn't beating a 7950GT nevermind a 8800GTS 320MB.
  5. nVidia 8800GTS 320mb. The exact manufacturer is up to you, EVGA is my favourite because they're a good quality name yet also cost the least in this case. Last I checked the EVGA was $280, or $260 with a $20 MIR.
  6. Get a 8800 320MB if you can it's the best bang for the buck GPU available, and will cut through anything unless you are playing insane resolutions with all eye candy on.

    If you buy EVGA, you can step up within 90 days, essentially your card is a free rental through that period.
  7. What about additional fans? Do you think they would be needed with this setup?
  8. Nah the case has two 120mms which is more than enough for stock speeds and could handle a decent overclock too.

    Although your RAM is pretty expensive. You could save money and get a little better performance on something like this

    Or this, with its hefty $50 MIR
  9. i like how he said budget isint an issue but under 1600. anyway if your going to oc then cooling with your cpu and vid card is going to be an issue. if you are going to run everything stock then you needent worry to much. the amd 6000 is a power hungry bastard, rated at 125w so it makes alot of heat. the 8800 isint to bad on heat but it still makes things warm. plus your memroy is going to make heat. someone here said they had the same case so if the air flow it pretty good then, like i said before stock would be fine, but dont expect to go crazy if your want oc.
  10. Alright, I think I have most of it figured out then. I just have a couple more questions.

    .With a DVD Drive, do I need 2 seperate ones if I want a CD/DVD-rom drive and a CD/DVD burner? Or is there one that does both?

    .How do I pick the right motherboard? The motherboard is the main part that confuses me.

    All help is much appreciated. :)
  11. I've never met a DVD burner that didn't also read/burn CDs.
  12. How about the motherboard? Do you know of any that would work with what I have picked out?

    That is the part that confuses me the most, and I don't want to end up buying something that doesn't fit or doesn't work.
  13. you need to get a different vid card. if you are limited by price look at what nvidia has just released. right now you have a pci video card, and unless you just windows to look better, then you will need at least a agp card. like the other guy said, go for the 8800 320 card. its a pci-e card which will work much better. if you do that then the mobo you will be looking for needs to support this:
    am2 for the cpu
    pci-e (go for pci-ex16)
    ddr2 800 pc 6400 ram
  14. Quote:

    And with that mobo you linked, do you think getting a new sound card would be a good idea?

    Looks like it. There's a comment on the Newegg Web page where somebody says the onboard sound is terrible. Or maybe somebody can suggest another mobo?
  15. First of all leave AMD well alone

    Intel will perform better

    AMD will just bottleneck you in the end

    Try the E6600

    It overclocks well to, mine runs at 3.6 instead of 2.4

    Even at stock it kicks all AMD's

    Next get a NF 6 board

    The ram is good

    So is the case

    onboard sound will do for now, even though i have an xfi fatality you can always get it later

    Stick to the important stuff

    Go for an 8800 gts 320mb stay away from the 8600($50 between them but not in performance)

    Don't go sli straight away, spend as much as you can on a single card
    and maybe go sli at a later date(not all games use SLI)



    Cpu Fan

    NF 680i

    2 x Gb 6400 ram (4-4-4-12, at least)

    8800 gts 320mb

    Thermaltake armour case

    Ocz 850 psu

    500+ hd

    This is in your 1600 price range

    You should look for something in there range
  16. As i said thats just an idea look around and you'll find cheaper ones around

    C2D + NF6 + GF8 = Best system

    Enjoy your upgrade
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