Remote assistance administrative rights?

Hi, i would like to know the following situation regarding a remote assistance session.

Im trying to use remote assistance to take over a machine but it seems that i do not have admin rights during the remote session. As the log in user does not have local admin rights in his machine.

My account has local admin rights in the machine. But it seems that the remote session is using the user's login profile.

Is there a way where i can log in via remote assistance session with admin rights?
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  1. administrator or not, the user needs to be part of the local Remote Desktop Users group for RDP to work
  2. I have the same issue. Using Remote Assistance I am given the same credentilas as the current logged in user and not my admin credentials. Is there a way to have it ask for my login credentials when connecting to the user using RA. Remote Desktop is completely different fattony. I need to connect with the logged in and remote desktop they need to be logged out doesn't work for me.
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